September 23, 2013

Wowed by Wubbzy y El Tren Bilingual App

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Don't know how many of you are from a bilingual home, but it can be a tricky thing teaching the younger generation their ancestors' tongue.  Babushka never spoke Spanish as a child, hence the Spanglish and the reason why my trio speak Miamish (that's Spanglish Miami Style).  Thankfully we lived with La Tata when the children were young and at least they learned some Spanish correctly.  Problem is, the young don't find the foreign language "cool". Yep, even in Pre-K they balk at speaking it, but I think I may have found a perfect way to "coolify" el Español for my grandbabies.

Ya can't beat an iTunes app for cool.

Brought to you by Cupcake Digital executives Jennifer Powers and Carmen Hernandez, these Latina,bilingual moms know the importance of the cool factor and have found a fun way to interest children in Spanish.  Via games, music, colors and stories little ones learn with alegria!

"Wubbzy y El Tren Loco features:
  • Fun mini-games within the story and added learning games for practice of number, letter and sight word recognition
  • Professional narration of the same story in English and Spanish is a good introduction for initiating natural language acquisition
  • Individually highlighted words in the app are designed specifically for teaching the basics of spelling and vocabulary and can be used to practice Spanish
  • Three reading modes: Just a Book for quiet reading time, Read to Me and Read & Play
  • Three original sing-along music videos taken from the popular Emmy® award-winning series  Coloring pages with scenes straight from the story
  • A Grown-Up’s Corner to guide parents, teachers and caregivers in discussing the story with kids"

Rinquincaya  starting out not too happy but quickly found the games.

Then after the games he tried the stories.

By his own admission this was "Cool" and by himself decided to repeat the words of the story.  Pero the coolest thing?  He answered his mother's question asked in Spanish and wanted to continue playing in the language of his ancestors.  What a great way to learn Spanish.
Hope he shares it with BB.

; )


P.S.  The app is also available for Androids. Coolisimo & $2.99 - Tremendo twofer!! 

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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