October 15, 2013

HerbalMagic- if ya gotta lose weight, do it right.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Niche Parent Network & Conference, pero story and opinions are all pure Babushka.

Did you know Babushka was bulimic, borderline anorexic in her teens?  

Ok si, it was nice to be size 0/3 for the first time in my life, pero it wasn’t without sacrifice and definitely not without repercussion.  BB would spend 3 hours minimum exercising daily, a low carb diet that caused bodily harm, 14 exlax chocolates a day to contradict the harm and of course wipe out any food that may have been eaten. This was the desperation Babushka felt to become slim.  No thought of health ever crossed my mind, just the joy of seeing my clothes size go smaller and smaller.  Thankfully I “outgrew” this- no pun intended.  No se how, maybe my saving grace was being more Cuban than American.  Maybe it was having Latinos with their curve loving ways start paying me more attention, maybe it was marrying young and having children right away, but whatever the reason, I am very thankful. I was definitely headed down a camino with no positive outcome.

Being older and hopefully wiser- at least when it comes to losing weight, Babushka knows the only real way to lose weight is to go slowly and healthy.  If BB were to choose help with weight loss I’d go to a place that showed you how to eat REAL FOOD.  Babushka’s done the prepackaged deal, and yes, they work, very well. Until you stop buying their food.  No no My Beautifuls, the next time BB decides to entrust my body and health it will be, must be a plan that works with MY way of living, with the items I can get at my local grocers, and the items that I would really eat for the rest of my life.  Sorry, tofu isn’t one of them.

HerbalMagic seems to be reading Babushka’s thoughts. Taken from their site:

Real Food

We don't sell you diet food or subject you to embarrassing group weigh-ins. We teach you about health and nutrition so you enjoy real food purchased at your local grocery store. You'll start looking at food labels in a whole new way. To help you, we have created many recipe books with hundreds of healthy, delicious recipes for weight loss as well as a Guide to Dining Out - for those times you can't eat at home.

Now that’s a weight loss site BB can get into!

Oh My!!

Pity they’re just in Canada.

Oh well, a comer Platanos maduros a little while longer.

;  )


This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Niche Parent Network & Conference, pero story and opinions are all pure Babushka.
Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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