October 16, 2013

Peace of Mind- Card.com

BB was given a preloaded card w/$25 for facilitating this review; no other compensation was given.  All  opinions are purely Babushka's. 

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Today we talk about budgets, and credit, and college children- Oh my!!  
Of course, if your name is Rockefeller you may not need to read on, but for the rest of us...

Isn't it Cutisimo??!!

Now THIS is a twofer BB can really get into!

As you well know My Beautifuls, Babushka's Little One is attending college, and a set limit, you-fill-as-needed card, is a must have.  Now what you don't know, but can probably imagine and maybe have had this happen to you, is that BB at one time maxed out her credit cards and was left "con un mano alante y el otra atra".  Barely covering myself- almost nekid as it were.  Let's just say it's not a place Babushka would like to be in again, so I am very credit card weary now.  And budgets? Another area Sweetie and I are learning together.  A viable option, a prepaid card; BB was mucho happy when Card.com asked me if I'd review their card.  

First they asked me to go to their site and pick out a card.  What marvelous choices!  I picked out a peace sign made out of flowers, but they have so many to choose from.  Sweetie wanted the Popeye, My Little One was torn between the Salvador Dali and Spock from Star Trek. Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! Of course Babushka was already dancing with the company, they really were living up to their slogan- 

CARD is the prepaid debit card that’s fun to use

Within days of picking my card, BB received- 

Ahora, as stated, BB's weary when it comes to cards- except gift cards, Babushka loves those. Pero sabes que? You know what? BB's loving this card too!   Babushka doesn't have to worry about overdraft or over budget. If it ain't in the bank, it don't get bought.

 NO Credit Check  Use everywhere Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted
 NO check cashing fees  NO overdraft fees or late fees  Access to ATMs worldwide

Nice verdad?  You know what's also nice? Their customer service. Babushka was doing research for the post and noticed how heavily card.com uses the internet.  Writing to them about this I received this answer-

"When you sign up for your card, your email address is automatically linked to your account, so you will get email notifications on things like low-balance and a monthly statement. The ways to avoid fees are just tips that you probably already know about, like setting up direct deposit and using check-outs to get cash instead of ATMs, etc. our company is pretty new, so our products and services are still evolving. You will get notifications on the new and improved services as well as perks, etc., so it's important to pay attention to the emails from us. :)"

Amable verdad? And to further the online usage, look at another no bank needed option Card.com has-


Don't know about y'all, but Sweetie still gets an oldfashioned pay check, and Babushka's main bank is 30 miles away, so we're loving this option! Just take a pic of the check and it's deposited.  Of course for you Beautifuls who get their monies direct deposited, the $5.95 monthly maintenance fee is waived when you load at least $800 in the prior 30 days through direct deposit.

So, Babushka gave it a Cutisimo, a Coolisimo, and still has money left on her card.  If you're looking for a prepaid debit card, this is certainly worth the getting.  Go to Card.com and let BB know which card is your favorite.


P.S.  And because Babushka's still not clear on the Federal Disclosure requirements, I shall state again that
 all opinions on this post are mine, and that BB was facilitated with a $25 prepaid card for my review.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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