November 05, 2013

Not quite senile- just "Pulling a BB"

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HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Today I introduce you to "Pulling a BB".  Queee??? Ok si, JU SO FONII!!! It is very close to "being Blonde", "going Senile", "in her own world" - as a matter of fact, you can even say it's "D- All of the above." 

Do you remember the two Cutisimo Codgers from BabuBoda?  They illustrate the type of thing, the vibes of "Pulling a BB".  Also, the story I shared in my post, "Oldie but a Goody, Day 5 of 30 day Blog Challenge." is another prime example of "Pulling a BB". Oh, that reminds me, I've signed up once again for the #SMCSFBlog Challenge and once again this is Day 5 of 30.  Those S Sisters, son tremendas! Si, esta bien, y'all may be right. JU SO CRAZY!!! can also be used at this moment. 

Today's "Pulling a BB" .

Everyone knows Babushka lives in Florida verdad?  The title of "The Sunshine State" is well deserved and those of us lucky enough to live here always have sunglasses on- like bug spray, it's just a daily part of life if you live here. Bueno, BB has prescription glasses that become darker in the sunlight, but that's usually not enough, so a pair of clip ons are always strapped on to them.  Today, maybe it's the eye strain of extra posting, maybe it's the transition of Sweetie's night shift to day shift, but my eyes appreciated the extra care the shades were giving and I saw no real reason to remove them when I went into the store.  

All went well; I had no problem maneuvering around the store, finding the items needed, reading packages, etc.  Until I went to pay.  Not wanting to wait, Babushka went straight to the self serve registers and started scanning my items.  Being one of the few Hispanics in my rural home town, I always try to "represent" as my trio says, by choosing Spanish as the language for my transaction.  It feels good to show my heritage, plus I love the startled looks from the other shoppers.  jehe  Continuing.  

After all the scanning was done, I proceeded to pay for the items. Well, I tried to. I ran the card through, and the screen didn't change. I turned the card thinking I had run it through the wrong way. Nada. Then I asked the register to go "back" and told it I wanted English as my language.  Don't laugh- I was actually told by a manager in a store that "Spanish" sometimes confused the machines.  I tried again, the same thing happened- nothing.  Finally BB turned to the employee standing by and said, "I don't think it likes my card."  She came over, looked at the screen, and then looked at BB.  "It's asking you if you want money back."  You probably saw that coming didn't you?  Babushka didn't see any change on the screen because I didn't see the screen through the sunglasses!

 ::A smile, a sigh, and a shake of the head:: 

 And that My Beautifuls is today's story of "Pulling a BB."  

Please share your stories of "Pulling a BB."  I'd love to meet some kindred spirits.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  This post officially serves as my day 5 submission to the #SMCSFBlog Challenge.
 Yep, another BB twofer.  My mama may have raised a BB, but she didn't raise no Boba!

; )

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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