November 04, 2013

Enough Talk the Talk- Let's all Walk the Walk!! #StopTheStigma


 The Easy, Peasy Way to Raise $100
  • $10 - Your Personal Donation              $10
  • $15 - From Spouse or Parent               $15
  •  $10   - From a Work Colleague           $10
  • $10 - From 2 Friends at Church           $20
  • $5 - From 4 Neighbors                           $20
  • $10 - From 2 Family Members              $20
  • $5 - From Teacher or School Friends  $5
                                        TOTAL                        $100


1. The Issue & Stigma. This Walk is for an issue – Mental Illness – that many think is the 
“last thing to come out of the closet.” The Fear of Stigma is so great and the Walks are 
giving people the opportunity to come together and make public discourse about mental 
illness and admission of mental illness okay. 

2. Inclusivity. The Walk is “inclusive.” We invite other mental health constituencies to 
join us at the Walk with materials about their programs. (Note: We are not sharing 
revenue. This is a NAMI fundraiser.) 

3. Validation and Good Will. The Walk and its participants are part of a movement much 
bigger than themselves. People will be walking in NAMIWalks in cities across the 
country. People are hungry for this validation. Business sponsors of the Walk will be 
in a very visible and positive position with great goodwill to be gained from the 

4. Benefit to Employers. NAMI programs are grassroots, volunteer driven programs that 
provide education and support to family members and individuals living with mental 
illness. These programs are not provided anywhere else in the mental health system 
and help employees without any cost to employers. Twenty to twenty-five percent of 
employees are touched by mental illness in some meaningful way and can benefit 
from NAMI programs without charge. 

5. Evaluation. NAMI affiliates evaluate the efficacy of their programs and strive to 
maximize measurable results. NAMI Greater Orlando will use our Walk funding to train 
additional teachers so we can expand our Family-to-Family, Basics and Peer-to-Peer 
programs in response to heavy public demand. 

6. Gratitude. We receive emails and phone calls every single day from people who say 
“Thank you so much for doing this!” and then they proceed to tell their stories – often 
for the first time. 

7. Competence and Commitment. We have a very committed and capable Walk 
Steering Committee. They will make sure the entire Walk effort is exemplary. 

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!  Que?? You thought Babushka was just going to post the NAMI information and that's all??  JU SO FONII!!!  BB said enough talk the talk, never said no more talk! Cubana al fin...

Right now the NUNCA ALONE team has 2 registered walkers.  Sonia Guerra (aka as Babushka on Valium) and my dear childhood friend Howard Cohen- who happens to be a registered and licensed counselor.  Those S Sisters are slick verdad??  Continuing.


Let's share this, Tweety,Feibu, Instagram, Pinterest, and even good old fashioned phone calls y emails!!  We CAN do this and help #StopTheStigma - if anyone can do this it is you My Beautifuls.  Please register for the team,donate,share- whatever your heart calls you to do.  And from BB's corazon and in the name of my daughter and myself.  1000x Gracias.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S. Babushka's plea is in gratitude for NAMI's help during my daughter's hospitalization. 
 The complete story can be found on the top of this post - click on #StopTheStigma for the campaign information.

P.P.S. For those not familiar w/Babushka's style, most of the colored words are links. 
 What can I say?  I find color makes the world (and my blog) purtier.

; )  


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