April 25, 2014

Mr.Coffee® the BEST coffeemaker and Millstone® Morning Coffee- MMMMMMaravillas and MINE!!

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HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Y'all know Babushka's fascination con café (and if not, please read the preface/intro up above-right below my pic header) so it should be no surprise that when Collective Bias was looking for bloggers to write about the powerhouse pair of Mr.Coffee® Drip coffee maker and Millstone® flavored coffee, this powerhouse of a coffee drinker had to say, "Si Me, See BB, and an ESO!" thrown in there too.

As y'all will see in a bit, the current coffeemaker we have is great, Sweetie and his twin brother have had it for years.  And therein lies the problema.  Although it's still working fine (Mr. Coffee® al fin) it just didn't hold enough for the addition of Babushka. A typical start of day...

 First Sweetie gets his coffee, then his twin brother gets his coffee, 
leaving BB...

Ok si, as a newlywed BB tried to maintain a cool composure,  but it's now a little over a year- honeymoon time done. They were messing with my bloodline lifeline.  The brothers were so used to the little coffeemaker that they didn't realize Babushka wasn't a little coffee maker. I needed GRANDE!! Thankfully, the S Sisters noticed what the brothers didn't and sent the solution/salvation our way.

#CollectiveBias calls this a "hero" shot. Bueno My Beautifuls, when I was told to get these products, BB definitivamente called them my heroes!!  Babushka happily waltzed into her local Walmart to get them- NO exaggeration here, look at that feliz step in Babushka's walk as she finds her new coffeemaker.

Unabashed Amor & Joy!

Now let's complete the Powerhouse Pair- time for the Cafe!!

You're probably asking whatever happened to the other cafetera- the original coffeemaker in the casa. 
Bueno, it's still there.  The boys are still using it. 
Quee?? You thought Babushka was gonna share???


Actually, that's not 100% accurate. 
Babushka's gonna share with YOU My Beautifuls!

That's right- a giveway for a Mr. Coffee® and Millstone® Cafe!!!

Can BB have a great big ESO!!!

Gracias for reading about Babushka's #CoffeeJourneys and Buena Suerte My Beautifuls!!!


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!

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