September 03, 2014

The Fantastic Week w/Fabi La Firey Y Fabulosa #FordFiesta

The Folks at @FordLatino lent Fabi to BB for a week to facilitate this story. 
 All opinions and happenings are strictly Babushka's.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

This little cuento was supposed to be on my Tumblr blog, PERO it turned out a lot bigger than first anticipated. Quee?? Ok si, JU SO FONII that seems to be the verdad on most of BB's adventures doesn't it?  Bueno, what was supposed to be un carrito to help Babushka with Babushkas Bebe's baby shower, in reality took BB back to when she was a baby.  Well, not really a baby, but when Bb got her first car at 16.  Bb (that's the adolescent BB) picked a stick shift, manual car for her first set of wheels; it was small, new, and oh the adventures in it! Si, BB got to re live her younger days, only now we're both smarter and looking better- just look at what Ford me presto.

The "we" spoken of is BB and this hot looking Ford Fiesta.  Of course being this hot, Babushka had to name her Fabi La Firey y Fabulosa.  Believe me when I say she definitely deserved the nombre.

The adventures began when the maravillosos de Prestige Auto dropped Fabi off at La Tata's.  

For some reason BB thought the world of stick shifts had stayed still- 
so needless to say, after 30+ years Babushka had a little demora starting things up...

When it was discovered how to turn it on, all was ready for Fabi to fly.
And boy did she fly! Truly took me back to my highschool years.  
Even the part about staying out late...

Friday- Day 2

Day 3

Actually, it went up to 100%, but Fabi was only Firey in color & espiritu- inside she was chillin.
In every sense of the palabra.

Day 4- Babushkas Bebe's Baby Shower

Was so busy,excited, exhausted, that I didn't take any fotos de Fabi. 
 Especially when I lost her keys...
always an adventure with BB.

Anyways, the day was for my daughter.
Bella verdad?

Day 5

Day 6 -Bloggin' Mamas Business

Had a business meeting to attend, and BB thought it perfecto that besides reminding me of younger years, Fabi actually took Babushka to one of my favorite places from those years. 

To say it went well would be an understatement.  To say we look Bella- another understatement.

; ) 

And now we fly fast y furious to business meeting #2.

That one also went well at MMMM Wynwood.

Day 7

Fabi knows Fabulous, so we went to cheer on mi primo @RickyUbeda11.
And si, he truly is my cousin. His bisabuela and La Tata were sisters.

Day 8


Wow and Woah.  What a week.

Now you know Babushka takes public transportation when in Miami, or gets rides from kind friends;
 there was no way BB could have done most, if not ALL that was accomplished.  

Mil Gracias to @FordLatino for making this all possible.

Fabi- Fuistes Fantastica.


p.s.  All grammatical errors on any Instagram photos BB blames on autocorrect. 
Y porque no? Everyone else does.


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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