November 27, 2015

.@HometownAStars Es Un HomeRun. Review & #Giveaway

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HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

This book and series hasTwofers ALL OVER THE PLACE!  
And you KNOW how BB just loves that.  

Con 5 (soon to be 6) Grands, it can be challenging to get them interested in something that doesn't need batteries. Seems almost everything they like is electronic. How nice to be able to share with them a libro. Quee?? JU SO FONII si, an actual book- not an app, or a book on a screen, but a hard covered, pages need turning, book. Oh, and not only is this a book, but it's about a sport, one that actually has children go outside!! Baseball!! Siguen leyendo, keep reading; BB's sure you'll like the next base.

The Hometown All Stars is a book series for children that focuses on teaching early sports skills along with interactive, educational activities, and more importantly – fun! Kids ages 3-7 years old and parents, teachers, librarians, and others who want to promote “Less Screen, More Green” and get kids outside and active again! The Hometown All Stars series is also for parents who don’t know much about baseball and want to be ahead of the curve when their kids begin to play, for sports enthusiasts looking for a book that doesn’t involve talking animals to read at bedtime to their children, and for anyone interested in promoting the love of baseball and sports overall to a new generation. Visit the site at


The Hometown All Stars Team

Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball

Nick's Very First Day of Baseball

Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball teaches children about baseball using real coaching techniques. In this interactive storybook, kids will find hidden baseballs in the pictures, answer trivia questions, and there’s even a page for autographs from their favorite players. Fun, interactive and educational.

Another Twofer- Not only do children get tips, but so do grownups!  Suggestions and examples for both groups on how to be a true team player and help the team.

Magic Bat Day

Magic Bat Day Cover
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Magic Bat Day is the first real practice after the Hometown All Stars get their uniforms. Batting is the most fun of all skills and drills! This book concept shows techniques of how to hold the bat and where to stand. Most importantly, it shows that every kid can find their own ‘magic’ bat and the magic within themselves to hit the ball!

The magic of sport, baseball and team work estan all over en este. The story really could be applied to so many levels is ALL our lives Beautifuls!

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BUY Nick's Very First Day of Baseball for $12.99 (Print) or $3.99 (Digital)

BUY Magic Bat Day for $12.99 (Print) or $3.99 (Digital)


What Babushka truly liked about the series are the things it's teaching-without preaching.  There are children of different colors, sexes, ethnicities, all playing together, and it shows that warmup and focus are part of the game too. Now how wonderful a world seria if we all applied this to how we live verdad? The series also shows how math can be translated to baseball for another angle parents can use in teaching their children. There are MANY lessons here for parents, making this a series the familia completa can share, learn from and enjoy.   Para mas information and to follow this great team- 

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Buena Suerte Beautifuls!


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