January 21, 2016

Care Bears Belly Match by Ubisoft

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HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

The Care Bears Belly Match by Ubisoft, a new way to love the Care Bears. Babushka needn’t introduce the Care Bears to you, they’re a classic and deservedly so. Cuando Babushka had the Care Bears Cousins Tweety Fiesta, how wonderful the stories y recuerdos you were sharing! Ahora, what may need a quick intro is their app.,otro chance to fall in love with the Osos Amorosos!The new generation enjoys the electronic adventures of the Care Bears and how they’re such an important part in them.


Comments made from kid testers include:

  • Grumpy looks so cute and happy.
  • The belly badges are cute.  I like the way they move.
  • The dancing Care Bears silly.
  • I keep making Grumpy mad.
  • I love Belly Bonanza!
  • My favorite is playing Beastly!
  • OMG I love the stickers. Let me keep playing, I need to win more!
  • Why can’t I put the the mustache on Grumpy?
  • It’s my turn!  Let me play!  Mom!!


My granddaughter La Princesa, will be frustrated that she can’t put all of the clothes and accessories on Grumpy without earning them first.  Her not getting what she wants instantly??  JU SO FONII!!!  Pero once explained, BB knows she’ll learn from the challenge, and that’s definitely a fun way to learn a life lesson verdad?
Babushka has no doubt this will be a hit with ALL The Grands, not just La Princesa. They tend to take over the phones,ipads,and tablets when they like a game and something tells me BB will have to set a time limit for each one or Babushka will never get any work done! Care Bears is available for both Android and iPhone - FREE!!!  A definite ESO!!!

Warning. You may find yourself wanting to rub/pat the bellys of the bears... 
BB was caught doing this many a time.

; )


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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