January 21, 2016

Familia Time w/ TALKING TOM and his 3 Billion Bubbles!!!

This is a sponsored product feature in collaboration con Bloggin' Mamas and Outfit7, pero como siempre a la Babushka.


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!!

Do you remember the Talking Tom Tweety Fiesta Babushka moderated? Bueno, that started the curiosity going and BB had to learn more.  This app, recently launched by Outfit7, stars the super-popular character Talking Tom and some of his amigos.   If you are como Babushka, and had no clue, Outfit7 is the maker of a 21 app-franchise - Talking Tom and Friends - that recently celebrated an increible 3 billion downloads. Billion. Wow and Woah.

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is an bubble shooter game set in a theme park.  The animation es Bello.  Outfit7 should offer clases, BB would definitely sign up!


Players can play solo, or go head to head for some double bubble trouble in tournament mode.  The Grands are gonna love this option. Babushka can just see them playing each other and egging them on. Y hablando de eso, another fun pedazo of the game is that when you are playing someone you can send them sounds and really get them riled up- oh como diria BB, be in Cuban mode. ; )

The focus group put together consisted of kids and their friends ages 3-15.  A total of 6 kids who reviewed this app described it as “awesome”, “fun”, and “pretty cool.”

Be ready for the following comments:
  • Tom is funny.
  • Where’s Angela?  I want to play with Angela.
  • I wanna play...Mom, it’s my turn!
  • Mom, can I get some Gems, they cost $4.99?
  • Mom, how long did it take you to get to level 14?  It took me 10 minutes.

Don't know how long it'll take for BB to get to level 14, but The Grands will no doubt beat my score. Pero that's ok. This is a fun way to be part of their lives. With the tournament mode, even being a long distance Grandma doesn't stop the interaction and memories. Es mas, gonna ask the parents to have the children on speaker and call when we're playing so we can hear each other as we play. Quee?? Babushka not find a way to be with mis nietos?? 

A little peek at the latest Talking Tom app.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4H1ITByZOs

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is available now to play for FREE iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon.  http://outfit7.com/apps/talking-tom-bubble-shooter/

Who will you be playing this with??

Ahora Beautifuls-  Let's start Poppin' some Bubbles! 
A Popiar Burbujas!!!


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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