May 23, 2016

BB Blabs 'Bout 'Buela- Show 2 w/ @AbuelaDeMiami @Juanis111

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!!

Show 2 of BB Blabs 'Bout 'Buela just wrapped up, y no por na' but it was BUENISIMO!!!

You know how it is when you get together with friends, the time just goes by bolando.  If you've been reading Babushka's blog you're no stranger to Janie Flores. She's been a member of Bloggin' Mamas for years now. Together we've been to Woman Executive Events, Carnaval Miami, and numerous Ford y Hispanicize events. Pero this was the first time we actually got to have a conversation for more than 15 mins, and if we could have kept going it would have been much longer than the 30 we taped. Especially since it was about our favorite subject, Grandchildren.

Now don't be thinking that's ALL we talked about, los abuelos of today are into many things and can speak and do more than that. Matter of fact, Janie's schedule and interests are impressive - tv production, real estate, organizing empowerment tours to Israel, oh si, the topics were so varied that at times it seemed the shows Grandparent premise was forgotten. JU SO FONII!!! Go ahead and see for yourself how abuelos and their importance is ever present.

BUENISIMO verdad??!!??!! Como abuelos, this is our legacy, to show future generations that advancing age does not equal diminishing worth, one never gives up or stops dreaming.  The lessons of our abuelos are not just part of our past; they also shape our present and future. And BB's still got a lot of shaping to do.

Gracias to Janie for being such a great guest, who will have to visit the show again because you 30 minutes wasn't enough. Es mas, here are her social media info/handles because after you've seen the video, Babushka KNOWS you're gonna want to know more and follow all her projects.




Hope to see you next Sunday at 9:30 pm ET Beautifuls!

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