June 05, 2016

Two Miami Dolphins Greats- Larry Little & BB's Mama.

The pics of the event were facilitated by Ford, but the memories and thanks are all Babushka's.

Bb's living room in 1972 (reenactment)

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!!

My mother was a diehard Miami Dolphins fan. Living in Miami Lakes, where Dolphins' coach Don Shula lived,  almost everyone was a diehard Miami Dolphins fan, but Mama was tambien very Cubana.  Now, for the most part my parents were quiet, well spoken people, but come football season- OLVIDALO, my mother's passion and heritage could not be denied.

COOOOORRRRREEEEEE!!!  SACK HIM!!!  HECHALO PA' TRA!!  And of course, ESOOOOO!!  each time a touchdown or block was made.  Quee??  You thought that began with Babushka?  JU SO FONII!!! No Beautifuls, Mama screamed that when she was watching the Dolphins on TV.  And in that quiet little cul de sac she could be heard by all.  Pero sabes que?? Like most people who are true to themselves and follow their hearts and calling, she gave others the permission to also be true and show their dedication.  Soon the shouts of YES!!! OH YEAH!! were heard from many of our neighbors' casas, especially during that undefeated season in 1972.

Mama always said the reason she loved the Miami Dolphins, was not only because they were our local team and winners, but because their coach and players had class.  They were an example of good sportsmanship and dignos to be held as heroes to fans.  On the field and off the field, the players of that equipo were forever being gentlemen and examples of what could be achieved and shared when you cared for yourself and others.  She especially liked coach Don Shula and Larry Little.  

Larry Little Coach Don Shula Miami Dolphins
pic by SPOKEO

Mama saw our fellow Miami Lakes residents Don Shula and his wife many times and found them pleasant y approachable.  Of Larry Little, having lived through desegregation and knowing how rough it had been, she admired him for showing his merit and being "Un hombre. Un caballero y ejemplo total en su trabajo y en su comunidad". Shula agreed because he called Larry Little “A real inspiration, not for just the way he performs, but also for his influence on our younger players”.   And he continues to do so, and for this, Babushka wants to share his latest honor.

" The Pro Football Hall of Fame and Ford Motor Company paid tribute to former Miami Dolphins right guard Larry Little at his high school alma mater, Booker T. Washington High School on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016. Little was honored as part of the “Hometown Hall of Famer™ program.

Little, graduate of Booker T. Washington High School, was on hand at his former high school for a special event and plaque presentation. Following the presentation, the plaque will be on permanent display at the school."

Hometown Hall of Famer ™ ,Larry Little, Booker T Washington High School, Miami

An audience of 500 attended the ceremony at Booker T. Washington High School in Miami, Fla. The crowd included his 96-year-old mother, other family members, students, teachers, and the school’s marching band. Also on hand were fellow Hall of Famer DWIGHT STEPHENSON and several other Dolphins legends Nat Moore, Eugene Milton, Larry Ball and Mercury Morris.

"To share this occasion with Booker T. Washington gives me a feeling similar to how I felt when I was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame!” Little shared.
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Hometown Hall of Famer™ is a national program that honors the hometown roots of the greatest heroes of the game with special ceremonies and plaque dedication events in local communities.

"I am honored, privileged and humbled to give something back by presenting the Hometown Hall of Famer plaque to Booker T. Washington High School, that will stay with the school forever and for Booker T. Washington High School to become the 102nd to become an official high school of the Pro Football Hall of Fame," Little commented after being presented with the plaque by his close friend Roberta Daniels.

“Let me say how proud Ford is to participate in Larry Little’s return to his hometown. Ford and the Pro Football Hall of Fame share a commitment to excellence and an appreciation for legacies,” Patrick O’Neill, Regional Manager of Sales and Service for Ford Motor Company Miami, remarked.

Tuesday’s event was the 102nd Hometown Hall of Famer™ ceremony.

Any man who makes sure to share his honors with his madre is definitely a hero in Babushka's ojos.
Gracias Larry Little for still being a true ejemplo de un caballero.  

 Can you hear that heavenly "ESOOOOO!!"

This has been a fond honor y memoria of two Miami Dolphins' greats- 
Player and Fan


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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