June 01, 2016

BB Blabs 'Bout 'Buela - Show 3 @Catherinebookwr Catherine R. Cameron

Grandmothers Grandparents Gloat @Catherinebookwr @BBabushka

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!!

Show 3 and good thing it was with a good friend! OMAAIIGGAA- Talk about Cubantime!  Creo que we spent more time trying to get online than what we spent on camera. Pero it was fun y lo pasamos bien.

Catherine R. Cameron lives in the same town of Crawfordville as BB and is of Latina heritage, pero this is where the similarity stops. ESTA MUJER NO PARA!!! The Energizer Bunny? He takes vitaminas just to keep up with her. Ok Si, Babushka hears you- "JU SO FONII!!!" but this is no cubaneo here.  Comenzamos,
And that's just her public persona Beautifuls.  In her vida privada she's an abuela to 18.  18!!!

If you watch the video you'll see Catherine's not one for long stories, she's definitely living life and showing others how it's done.  Crawfordville may be a little town, but there's nothing little in all she does and in what she believes in.  Es mas, she was a bit disheartened when she saw how job seekers would show up for interviews and the mess their resumes were, so she decided to help with a very thorough How-To for those seeking employment in offices.  Professional?  Just look at the video for it.

Having been in that arena herself, Babushka agrees with everything she wrote.

Are you looking for an administrative job? Professional guide for employment,career change,job

If you or someone you know could use it, BB highly recommends it.

Ahora, our short interview because honestly, flustered friends are mejor over café than computers.

Consider this our dress rehearsal. 
We will do this one over... if BB can ever get Catherine to sit down again...

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  If you ever wonder if being an abuelo means slowing and staying still, just bookmark this post pa'quitarte that idea!!

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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