July 27, 2016

Caregiving is Completo con Sam's Club #MyCaregivingStory

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La Tata GreatGreatGrandmother Caregiving
La Tata, Babushka’s 94 year old grandmother.
She took care of us for so many years, it’s only fitting that we now have the bendicion of doing the same.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

“Nothing easy about getting older, and it’s even harder being old.”

This is a quote my grandmother would say, and knowing the life she has lead, BB believes it.  We all have had our trying moments, and we all know getting old is a privilege not all have, but it’s also a challenge to have all our needs met when we can no longer do it for ourselves.

When in Miami, Babushka would stay with La Tata. BB would always be sure La Tata was taken care of Mind, Body, Soul. A checklist with these headings as guidelines was used.

  • Mind- daily card game, word search, conversation for at least 30 mins.
  • Body- the menu of the day, since some days she didn't feel much like eating, always had fruits and a liquid meal replacement on hand.
  • Soul- devotional readings, audio, and phone calls with the great-great grandchildren. Also, fresh flowers and plants helped her spirits.

It was nice to take her out and break up the daily routine. Unfortunately, because she would tire easily, we'd have to restrict our outings, but one of her favorite places to go to was Sam's Club. There we could get all we needed and many services too. PLUS she loves their pizza and would make sure we’d go around lunchtime. Every single time.

Sams Club Drs  Collage  caregiving

Part of La Tata’s frustration with aging was the incontinence and how it curbed her social life and outings. Fortunately she found the products which gave her back some of that freedom.

Grandmother Caregiving Mobility

And of course that brightened all our lives immensely.

Sam's Club Caregiving Member's Mark CollectiveBias

She especially likes Member’s Mark products, both the items AND the prices are BUENISIMO!!
We always have such a good time at Sam’s Club.
Tienen de todo- they’ve got everything.
And as La Tata says,             
GreatGreat Grandmother buying out the house!
“Bueno, Bonito y Barato let’s me buy more!”

La Tata GreatGreatGrandmother 5 generations
Porque she’s got lots of loved ones she loves buying for!
La Tata  GreatGreatGrandmother
Y si, things for herself too!  La Tata not care about her looks?
Ahora mismo, she’s recuperating from a broken hip bone, but we expect to take her again on outings soon.

La Tata is looking forward to visiting Sam’s club to save some money, spoil some children, eat some pizza and zip down those aisles in her electric cart yelling, “Aqui viene Fangio!” She may have lost some of her mobility, but her tastes, wit and preferences haven’t changed a bit.

#MyCaregivingStory Hero.png
Sam’s Club offers caregiving services, like health screenings and prescription refills, along with their own brand of health-related products. The Member's Mark Maximum Long Pads are perfect for LaTata. This way she can confidently take trips out of the house without having to worry about any incontinence issues. We also grabbed a bottle of Member’s Mark Hand Sanitizer to keep LaTata safer from germs and bacteria.

Besides the wonderful products and precios, Sam’s Club has their own Family Caregiving Site which helps caregivers tend to their loved ones,

Makes BB feel good to know there are people and places that understand what caregiving is. And for all caregivers out there, know that you are appreciated,
just as we appreciate those that cared for us.


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Bohemian Babushka

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