January 23, 2017

Pa' Luego es Tarde! Planning in 2017 w/ @FloridaPrepaid #StartingIsBelieving

BB is part of the Florida Prepaid Bloggin'Mamas Campaign and has been compensated by them for this post. 
However, all opinions are Babushka's and she's been very compensated by how well the plans worked out for The Trio.


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

No se about y'all but that thought of The Grands having to pay back student loans mete miedo. If BB didn't already have sexy silver lifelites before, they'd definitely come in with that! Ahora, we all want our hijos de succeed and sabemos that their odds are better with a college degree, but what about the extra burden put on them if they had to pay it all themselves? Felizmente there are lots of options to lighten their load, porque Babushka not do something to ayudar? JU SO FONII!!!


Vieron all the plans available? And you can combine them! For Dr. J, Babushka will get the 2 year Florida College Plan and his parents and other abuelos can each get one year for him too. That way his 4 years are covered. ESO! So there will be NO STUDENT DEBT.


So what plans will you be getting for your little ones?


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