January 23, 2017

2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Sponsor Information of @SMGurusNetwork

2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Sponsor Information

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

 Babushka has been asked to review,share, write about many fun cositas and she thinks this is a good way to bailar con BB. With las Bellas del Social Media Gurus Network we celebrate your items all year long, y con muchos opciones, starting con :

2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Sponsor Information

Perfect Pairings Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air! Which also means it is a great time for you to have your product(s) be on the top of the list as that special gift for Valentines everywhere! We can help you get your product(s) seen all across the internet!

The Social Media Gurus Network has 17 bloggers working together to make this gift guide something to remember! All you have to do is work with 1 blogger and you get the benefit of working with all 17! We make it easy for you, while working in the background to get you the most promotion for your product(s).

We have over 884,000 followers!

Pageviews = over 658k per month for all 17 blogs
Twitter = over 392k
Facebook = 167k
Instagram = 75k
Pinterest = 153k
Other = 95k

Here is a list of all the bloggers involved. These are all family friendly blogs. Feel free to contact any of the bloggers listed.

Laura Smith – Michigan Saving and More - las93063@gmail.com
Julie Beveridge – Tales From A Southern Mom - julie.talesfromasouthernmom@gmail.com
Melissa Cushing – Deliciously Savvy - mcushing7@hotmail.com
Debbie Tom – Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains - heartbeatssoulstains@gmail.com
Sheila Wilson – Welcome To My Kitchen - sheila@welcometomykitchen.net
Kim Miller – Life in a House of Testosterone - lifeinahouse@outlook.com
Kaycee Mason – My Crafty Zoo - Admin@mycraftyzoo.com
Bohemian Babushka - Babushka's Baile - bohemianbabushka@gmail.com
Heather Baker - Here We Go Again ready - ivyvine1977@gmail.com
Courtney Pies - Optimistic Mommy - OptimisticCourtney@gmail.com
Silvie Armas - My Silly Little Gang - silvie.mslg@gmail.com
Theresa Smith - IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways - imho@imhoviewsreviewsandgiveaways.com
Deborah Dennert - Mom Are We There Yet - deborahdennert@gmail.com
John Zukowski - Java John Z's - jzukowski@gmail.com
Colette Sears - JamericanSpice - calliemist@yahoo.com
Joanne Gregory - The Homespun Chics - thehomespunchics@gmail.com
Mike Gray - Giveaway Gator - mikesfreegifts@gmail.com

If you would like us to promote your product(s) the packages we provide:

Review Package: $100 ($50 each additional product)
Review posted on chosen blog, shared on social media at minimum 3 times per week until 2/14, put into Valentine's gift guide that will be posted on all 17 blogs. The other 17 bloggers will share the review on their social media a minimum of twice per week until 2/14.

Review and Giveaway Package: $200 ($100 each additional product)
Everything from the Review package plus a 3 week giveaway posted on all 17 sites and shared at least 3 times per week on social media. Also shared with our list of promoting bloggers that help us with giveaways for an entry on the form, so depends on number of promoters signing up. We also put the giveaways on linkys around the web.

Review and Long Giveaway Package: $250 ($125 each additional product)
Everything from above packages but giveaway will run from time the chosen blogger can get a temporary review up and giveaway going. Usually 1 week. The giveaway will run until 2/14, this option can have more than 1 winner.

Please sign up HERE. Bloggers may be able to offer additional discounts, please contact them directly before signing up.

We are ready to get started, contact us today!
Thank you,
Your Team,
Social Media Gurus Network

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Bohemian Babushka

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