February 08, 2017

For San Valentine Or Anytime, @ViajaSanAgustin #floridashistoriccoast hosted

This trip was sponsored/hosted by the Bella Gente de Viaja San Agustin & @FlHistoricCoast ,
 pero all opinions and fun times were BB y Sweetie's. 

St. Augustine Florida  Viaja San Agustin Valentine's Day
Never too old to learn and love

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

If you've been following Babushka for a while you know she's gone to St. Augustine many times. Besides visitng when she was bb (first trip age 11), there were notable trips such as the American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip and all the performances with TWAM , and though they were all fun and good trips, they were business and the city called to the soul for a more personal visita.  La belleza natural, la historia, la cultura, de San Agustin makes it easy to explain its over 400 years of existence and why one never tires of visiting. There are so many different "tours" and interests you can experience in St. Augustine, that every time truly can be a totally nuevo experience. This visit was one tailored for BB & Sweetie, a couples call, with a little bit of everything. 

1st night-Primera Noche

Por supuesto the wonderful folks of St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches
Visitors and Convention Bureau had a wonderful 3 day itinerary planned for us, and also por supuesto BB was running Cubantime and we didn't arrive until nightfall. Oh, but we knew all was fine and well planned when we saw our casa for the next few days, the Jaybird's Inn

Jaybird's Inn St.Augustine Florida
2700 N Ponce de Leon Blvd Saint Augustine, Florida

Que Entrada!! 
Spacious with nods to the town's history, nos encanto.

Rapidito we checked in, dropped the equipaje and went to meet our hostess Barbara del visitor's bureau who was waiting for us at a local favorite restaurant, The Raintree.  Located in an 1829 Victorian Home, winner of numerous awards, and offering over 350 wine labels, BB & Sweetie couldn't have asked for a better place to enjoy our first cena en San Agustin.

102 San Marco Ave Saint Augustine, Florida

Que Belleza y detalles verdad? And if you think that's algo Beautifuls, wait 'till you see the comida!!

The Raintree Restaurant St.Augustine Florida
Sweetie thoroughly enjoying the pampering and the plates. House salad and the day's special, Flounder stuffed with crabmeat, fresh  vegetables and angel hair with mushroom Alfredo sauce.

Y hablando about Detalles y Belleza, you KNOW Babushka HAD to try some of their award winning postres. Made fresh and to order tambien, the combinaciones delectable, delightful y deliciosos!

The Raintree Restaurant St.Augustine Florida
Banana Crepe filled w/vanilla ice cream, Dessert chef, Chef Matt Berg, Barbara Golden, BB, Sweetie, Mgr Zack Fraser.

Of course we all had to give the dinner a great big ESO!!
Despues de la llenura of estomago, sights and senses it was time to call it a noche.

In our suite we found a sampling of what was to come.

Wineries, Fountain of Youth, Pirate's Museum, y mucho mas.

Hope you come back to see the rest of BB & Sweetie's @ViajaSanAgustin .


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