March 13, 2017

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BB’s plato using Avocados From Mexico!!

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Babushka was challenged to come up with a recipe using the deliciosos Avocados From Mexico . Knowing that they were always in season y fresco, making a triple B (Bueno,Bonito y Barato) BB style snack was going to be fun. También it’s a great way to start being more health conscious con la comida. Quee?? Babushka give up mi comida Cuban tradicional completely?  JU SO FONII!!!  Pero adding more daily foods that are good for me will definitely be a positive help- con Sweetie with his prediabetes and BB with her roundness. You’re never too old to start eating healthier.

#EchaleLoMejor  Avocado stuffed "Corn Muffins con Ganas"

Main Ingredients for Avocado Stuffed Corn Muffins

Avocados Peppers Onions #EchaleLoMejor

Step 1. Chop the veggies. Combine to mix, delicious.

#VidaAguacate Avocado stuffed Cornbread

Step 2. Make corn muffin per package pero add 1/2 can corn & 1/2 creamed corn per package.

And here is where one of BB's famous Twofers comes in.
OJO!  Notice the mix goes inside the empty corn can.
No need to buy baking pans, pero eso si, cooking spray to help with no sticking!

Step 3. Cut the Avocados.

Tip-  Cut Avocados in the skin. Less mess and less chance de "mushing".
You can then peel the skin off.

#VidaAguacate Muffin insides and in can  Collage.png

Step 4. Make holes in the corn muffin loaves and fill with the Avocado mix.
Que rico se ve, right?

#VidaAguacate HERO closeup.png
With a side of yogurt and a drizzle of miel on top, this snack just might become a favorite meal!

Believe BB when she says this recipe meets the 3 B requirement- y uno mas.

If you want to see more recipes like this, porfa visit:


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