May 23, 2017

The Library of #MissGadish Tweety Fiesta! Because Books are BUENISIMO!!! 5/25/2017 9pm EST


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Si, BB knows. It's been way too long since she's co hosted a Tweety Fiesta, pero go out and buy some Dr. Scholl's, porque it's time to twitiar de nuevo!  jehe Mira que me gusta ser hostess de esos!!! Babushka dejar de ser los?  #JUSOFONII

Join Bloggin Mamas as we host the #MissGadish Twitter Party on Thursday, 5–25–17 at 9p EST/6pm PST! We’ll be chatting about

Date: Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Time: 9p EST / 6p PST
Hashtag: #MissGadish
Presented by: @BlogginMamas
Featuring: @MissGadish
Moderators: English– @HeLoEnterprises Spanish– @BBabushka
Co-Hosts: @EnzasBargains, @BabySavers, @HaveSippy, @DonnaHup, @CoolChillMom

About The Library of Miss Gadish
The Library of Miss Gadish is an app for iOS, and Android that brings the magic of choosing a book and reading into the digital age. Children can virtually wander around the library at their own pace, picking books from the shelves and guided on their journey by a host of colourful and engaging characters. This safe platform has been designed with parents in mind and moms and dads can restock the library with new packages of stories costing $4.99 each. Stories have narration, character voices, music and interactive illustrations that kids can talk to, touch and play with.
Celebrated artists and animators such as Monika Suska, Michael Harpaz, Sylvia Vivanco, Reuven Miller and Srimalie Basani have helped create the books and bring them to life with incredible illustrations, animations and audio. Titles include classics such as The Lion & The Mouse, The Ugly Duckling, The Fisherman and His Wife and Hansel & Gretel alongside new tales like Turtle Teeth; Dry Pasta & Toast, Balloons and The Boy Who Never Sleeps.

BB can't wait to take The Grands on a tour of the library and see what tales tantalize the tots.
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One (1) Miss Gadish notebook + One (1) tote bag (ARV $35) One (1) EB Character Soft Toy (ARV $40) One (1) EB Miss Gadish Soft Toy (ARV $45)

First Prize

One (1) Miss Gadish notebook + One (1) tote bag + One (1) EB Soft Toy + One (1) Miss Gadish Soft Toy + $25 Amazon eGiftcard (ARV $145 )

Grand Prize
One (1) Miss Gadish notebook + One (1) tote bag + One (1) EB Soft Toy + One (1) Miss Gadish Soft Toy + One (1) Miss Gadish branded Toc Clock + $50 Amazon eGiftcard (ARV $220)

RSVP Prize
One (1) Miss Gadish notebook (ARV $20)

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Disclosure: Bloggin’ Mamas is managing this Twitter Party. Individual co-hosts are receiving compensation for their participation. All prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor.

See You There Beautifuls!

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Bohemian Babushka

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