May 23, 2017

Feeling Buddies Home Toolkit,putting @ConsciousD into practise. The hardest Part is Starting. #FB4F

Conscious Discipline has picked Babushka as an evaluator of their  HOME  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  for  Families  Toolkit. Parte of Bloggin' Mamas, BB's been compensated for these posts, however all opinions and reactions/outcomes are Babushka's.

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If you remember the last time BB wrote about the Feeling Buddies, My Eldest and her boys were living with Babushka, and La Princesa y SIL were coming up a few months later.  Bueno, it didn’t all go as we had hoped, porque la vida, JU SO FONII!!! Lamentablemente my daughter couldn’t quite cope with the pressures of moving, starting over, and suffered a mental lapse and breakdown.  As we wait for her return, my SIL and BB try to fill in, but the hardest part is actually finding time to sit for reading the hows and watching the video so we can put this toolkit to work. He’s in the midst of opening a new business and Babushka’s out of practica de raising little ones, and this being the end of the school year, in a new school, just the daily tasks are plenty for us. However, we do believe in this system, and know, now more than ever, the children need it. Honestamente, we all do. So, we are currently just familiarizing the children with the buddies and asking them to tell us before they go to bed which of the buddies they’re feeling like. If they grab the happy or calm, it’s a kiss, a hug, and a ”Buenas Noches, a dormir con los Angelitos”, pero if it’s any of the others we ask why and hopefully we can turn the sleeping frame of mind into a pleasant one.

Feeling Buddies Brothers Conscious Discipline

HOME  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  for  Families  Toolkit is for all ages and stages.

"  The  HOME  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  for  Families  Toolkit  is  a  newly  released  product  from  Conscious   Discipline,  a  leading  provider  in  social-­‐emotional  learning  and  classroom  management  resources.  This     Self-­‐Regulation  toolkit  is  exclusively  available  for  purchase  at      The  Toolkit  is  inspired  by  the  best  selling  CLASSROOM  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  Self-­‐Regulation  Toolkit,   which  has  consistently  brought  about  transformational  results  in  schools,  even  with  hard-­‐to-­‐reach  and   special  needs  students.      The  kit  was  reimagined  for  home  use,  and  includes  content  and  resources  that  present  a  framework  for     self-­‐regulation  for  adults  and  children.  The  kit  also  includes  access  to  six  video  coaching  sessions  with  the   creator  and  Conscious  Discipline  founder,  Dr.  Becky  Bailey.  "

Feeling Buddies Toolkit by Conscious Discipline

This is the last week de escuela in our county, a much anticipated breather of time constraints and school responsibilities. BB will be watching that video closely and repeatedly, and during Grandma Daycare we will be listening to the CD. Babushka truly believes that if we all learn how to better express ourselves, how to self regulate and communicate our thoughts/feelings with others, so much can be accomplished and many problems avoided. Wish this had been around when The Trio were little, but thankfully it’s available now, and BB plans to take full advantage of it.  

Te dejo saber how it’s going.


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