December 15, 2017

The Gift They'll Always Remember. @FloridaPrepaid #StartingIsBelieving #ad

BB is part of the Florida Prepaid Mama'Bassadors program, a joint campaign between the 
Florida Prepaid College people & Bloggin' Mamas. This is a sponsored post that is totally from Babushka's opinion y corazon and ahora going on the second generation of recipients.

Florida College Prepaid Gifting
The Grands

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Time for regalitos; holidays are here and gifting is part of the plan. Pero, how well are you really planning? We all love the material,cosas like toys, tablets, clothes, but how about "vestimiento" for their futuro? A present that'll last a lifetime, on so many levels!!

Give the gift of college

The holiday season is here, and there’s no better present for your child or grandchild than a college savings plan. Give them the gift of education, security and a debt-free future by enrolling today. ~Florida College Prepaid

Now que exactamente is a Florida Prepaid College Plan? "A Florida Prepaid College Plan allows families to prepay, on a monthly or lump-sum basis, the future cost of college tuition, specified fees and dormitory housing. When your child is ready for college, the plan pays the tuition, tuition differential fee and other specified fees covered under the plan at any Florida College or State University. If your child attends an out-of-state college or private college, the plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida. Every Prepaid Plan is guaranteed by the State of Florida."

Florida College Prepaid- no need for student loan
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BUENISIMO verdad? Por eso once again the Florida College Prepaid Plan is on this Santa's gift list.   Ahora it's just a matter of picking the best options for your familia's plans and budget.  There are five prepaid plans available:

4 year University Plan

Truth be known, we have different plans for The Grands because Babushka not have them covered? JU SO FONII!!!  Back in the day when The Trio had the plans there weren't all these maravilloso options, pero now you can mix and match, with various loved ones helping in the gift. 

 BB started the Grands with the 2 year plan, so the parents can pay for another 2 year plan, making it the complete 4 year. Tambien, the other abuelos were thinking of gifting to their future and purchase one year for each of them! As long as the plans don't go over the 120 college credits, you can do any combinacion!

 At a time when so much in the world is uncertain, saving for college through Florida Prepaid College Plans is guaranteed and secure, making it a true gift for everyone involved.

Santi Clo  Santa Babushka

Feeling like Santi Clo now Beautifuls?? 

Join Babushka and feel like the jolly elf all year long, knowing that you've given them a lifelong gift and a lifelong agradecimiento to the one who gifted it.
Enroll ahora:

Florida College Prepaid Plan

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