January 16, 2018

Children's Care is Completo con Florida KidCare. #IAMKidCare

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Florida KidCare with opinions totalmente de Babushka.

Florida Kidcare Services
Florida KidCare Services

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!
Vieron that graphic?  When Babushka says "Completo" she means it.  All facets of childrens' health care falls under the Florida KidCare health and dental plan. From birth to 18, nuestros hijos have good cuidado and parents (and grandparents) have peace of mind.

OJO Beautifuls. Did you see the coverage and services provided?  BB's spoken before about their doctors and dentists, but did you see that vision and hearing were there tambien? And also, a topic you know that is very close to Babushka's heart, mental health is part of their plan too. The total child is looked after.

And then there are things like prescription drugs, hospital, surgeries that are very vital and also covered by Florida KidCare.

BUENISIMO the offerings verdad? Pero what about the calidad? Beautifuls, parents pick the primary care doctor; the same doctors on some of those pricey private insurances. Precio dictate quality?  JU SO FONII!!! With Florida KidCare you also get top notch specialists for dental as well as medical. All this covered by a low or possibly free monthly premium!

Importante Bullet Points to Know:
  • Florida KidCare covers doctor visits, immunizations, prescriptions, emergencias, surgeries, dental, vision, y mas!
  • Most familias pay nada and many pay as little as $15 or $20 per month for all children en la casa- even if both parents work.
  • Chances are you'll be able to keep your current doctores.
  • 95% de padres are happy with services received. BB sure was!
A repeat from the first post that bears repeating. Tambien repeating, BB's Trio was covered by Florida KidCare, and now Babushka is very happy to know that it's around for this generation.  Go check out the site, the plans, the offerings and services.  The options are plenty and so is the ayuda. Online, via phone, or in person, the buena gente of Florida KidCare estan alli for you. 

 Let's have the New Year be a healthy one. 
For our children, for us.

Enroll hoy en Florida KidCare.


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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