August 19, 2018

Florida's Best Choice @AndrewGillum #AdelanteConAndrew #GillumForGovernor #BringItHome

This is NOT a paid political endorsement. This is an endorsement earned by Andrew Gillum through the years Babushka has personally known him. 100% heartfelt and sincerely written by BB.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

For the most part, Babushka tries to stay out of politics. Ok Si, living so close to Florida's state capital, Tallahasssee, it's hard to not notice the rallies, and for this opinionated, passionate CubanaAmericana impossible not to join in the ones she truly believes in. Women's Rights, Immigration Policies, State of Latinas, Environment, all these BB has marched for and covered.  All these have been parts of the whole. Bueno Beautifuls, it's now time to consolidate, to find the candidate que cubre all that is special and importante; for BB that candidato is Andrew Gillum.


What you see there, is the Andrew Gillum  Babushka knows. His essence, his core beliefs, his frankness about his childhood and the gratitude for all his blessings, that is the hombre who's felt like home to BB.  Notice the first thing he starts with is familia, his children. That's the main focus of his vision, what he has brought as Mayor of Tallahassee. It all starts with the children, their future dictates our own. Give them a solid, safe start and the odds are in their favor, our favor. Initiatives , events Andrew has started, endorsed, continued-


Please note that this shows 3 years, de lo cual BB has been very feliz to have attended.

Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy, Business Leaders Breakfast

Now we all know that without funding, the best of initiatives will never turn into realities. 
Andrew makes sure businesses are included and lets them know the win/win of joining.
When we focus and start our children off right, it's a plus for everyone.

Host 7PoemedyZ , dinner by artist/poet La Poeta China

Pero it's not only about the tangible he addresses. Programs like "The Longest Table" brought dialog and dinner to diverse members of the community, to open conversations and eyes.  Real questions were asked and solutions called for.  Otra cosa BB admires about Andrew, he never thinks he has all the answers. 

And sometimes he knows he doesn't have any.

 "When trust is disrupted, it's bad for law enforcement but it's also bad for the people they vow to protect," Gillum says.

2016 deadly shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas-
Mayor hosts Tallahassee Community Vigil
For me, Andrew Gillum is very much "one of us", and every action he does, every fight he launches, BB believes in them, he believes in them, so Babushka must believe in him. In BB's ojos he covers the justo in ways that make sense and  are real. We have the same concerns and ready to luchar for them. Some of his fights are the very ones BB has rallied for.

Women's RightsAndrew believes Florida must have Equal Pay for Equal Work

Immigration Policies- As Governor, Andrew will continue to fight mass deportation policies that threaten to split families and hurt Florida’s economy.

Environment- Andrew believes that the best way to address the impacts of climate change is to embrace a plan to transition Florida to clean energy as rapidly as possible. Achieving this goal will put us on a path to a completely clean energy economy, creating thousands of new jobs in Florida, and cleaner air and healthier families.

The list of issues he believes in are on his webpage-


Andrew believes in us, the people of Florida, because he is truly one of us.  Knows what working hard to adelantar is, the constant strive to get ahead, how family values and culture sustain us, and how together we can strengthen our communities.  And now a little ejemplo of how down to earth this man is.  Mira how pendiente and one of the people he is, when his car was in the shop he took an uber. Imaginate- the mayor, candidate for governor taking an Uber. And even more, the Uber driven by Sweetie. Si, Sweetie happened to be the one who picked up the ride. He said Andrew was very courteous,remembered Babushka  and sent his saludos. 


An example of what I wish for The Grands. He encompasses all the aspirations BB wishes for her children, grandchildren, and her state. Un verdadero hombre, hecho y derecho. A self made man who knows who he is, what he stands for, ready to always strive for better- for himself and those he cares for. And Beautifuls, Andrew Gillum cares for all of us. 

From his Feibu page- About: Father of three. Proud Democrat. Mayor of Tallahassee and candidate for FL Governor. Working with you to rebuild a state that works for all of us.

Vieron?? ALL of us. Vote for anyone else? JU SO FONII!! 
Y por eso, because Babushka has seen it with her eyes, felt it with her heart, 


Campaign Feibu:


Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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