August 08, 2018

Corazon & Caresses Over Cancer. 💗 #becauselove

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ItsBecauseLove Journal & Blanket Cristyl's Corazon BBabushka

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In Babushka’s post God's Wicked Sense of Humor and Life Lessons with a Smile, BB shared how her daughter contracting cancer in many ways was a gift.  Naturalmente, there were some dias that it didn’t seem like it. For those moments an actual gift helped.


There are sometimes you just don’t want to speak. Even- especially to your madre. There are only so many times that as a madre you can say “Sometimes you have to get sick to get better.” “This too shall pass.” Quee??  Ok Si. A madre never tires of saying that, but her children may tire of hearing it. There are times they’d rather be solos, by themselves. Thinking, Being. Pero always knowing that anything they do is ok, that they are loved.

With these regalos from Because Love it’s easy to show your concern and  amor without having to verbalize it in person. Let’s be honestos; how many times have you been told about someone’s illness and all you can think of to say is “I’m so sorry.” Con estos you can say so much more, con thought y corazon. Be their comfort and strength when they know they need it.

Cafe & Carinos
Perfecto verdad? Arona Martin, founded Because Love in early 2018 after dealing with the loss of her close friend to cancer and was inspired to create a platform to help support others dealing with cancer treatment.  En sus palabras, her own words:

This project came directly out of my heart for a very dear friend, Jessica, who at age 31 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Not knowing what else to do, and using my art therapy background, I bought a blank journal and filled it with all the love, sass, and glitter I could find – writing prompts, doodling prompts, get your anger out prompts, prompts to throw a crayon temper tantrum (on the page) – whatever would help her get through the battle of her life. She loved it, and often told me how much it helped her with all that she was going through day to day.

While sitting in waiting rooms and therapy bays, other women asked where they could buy one. She would tell me of these conversations and I would make a few more to give to these women. That is when I decided to pursue bringing the journal to market so that others could feel comforted and loved like Jessica did.

De dolor si puede venir Bellezas- Pain can bring Beauty.  And Strength, and Comfort. It has to Babushka’s first born, with the Because Love Bundle Pack, the journal & blanket.. Tambien the quality,materials, y varieties of these details help the magia in their momentos.
the LOVE HEALS journal is the gift that is as precious to give as it is to receive. more than pages in a book, this journal is a dialogue, a true conversation about the days filled with strength and the nights longing for that strength to return. it’s the perfect size (appx. 9x7) to carry in purse or backpack, and the exquisite design is lovely on a nightstand or desk.
Comes with:
  • over 160 journaling pages
  • 28 journaling prompts
  • 14 inspirational quotes and messages
  • 90 blank pages with space to write, draw, etc.
  • 2 metallic sticker sheets
  • 1 embroidered sticker sheet
  • 2 small envelopes (retail therapy, and inspirational words)
  • 3 gold paper clips tassels
  • silver glitter washi tape
  • 1 embroidered fabric bookmark with purple velvet backing and tassels
The cover is made with a luxurious and soft blush velvet with a gold metallic faux leather closure.
That was to warm their corazones, for the cuerpos, the Big Hug Lap Blanket.
Big HUG Lap Blanket

a luxurious grey knit lap blanket with glittering metallic thread to wrap the ones you care for in love. there are 31 knit holes for you to attach personal messages. make your own or use the 6 starter tags that are provided. it is the perfect size to fold up and fit in a purse, bag, or to carry on a long, hard journey. bring the BIG HUG everywhere!
Size: 28” x 40”*
Comes with:
  • BIG HUG lap blanket
  • 6 grey velvet back tags (4 grey grommet closures, 2 jewel closures)
To know they've received algo de calidad, de valor on many levels. This is love they will feel con todo their heart, in their very soul. They need this Beautifuls,they need to be shown their worth, just as we need a way to share our amor without having to be there in person.

And as if this wasn't enough, if daily inspiration is needed-
IG ItsBecauseLove
From their IGrammy acct

Or daily exasperation/frustration-
how to say, Life- JUSOFONII !!
Feibu Post 
Their IGrammyand Feibu accounts, like their products, son EXCELENTE. Mas que Bueno. Babushka is glad to have found a company that truly knows in all aspectos, what the pain of loving someone with cancer is and how it affects all involved. Should you need the words to convey, the corazon to carry on, Because Love is a digno dance partner. Porque al final, that's all we can do verdad?


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!

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