October 20, 2018

GNO with the #DisneyVillains Despicable Divas . Like to Join Us? #AmazonAssociate #ad

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Sure to heat up any noche.
Silk Touch Throw Blanket

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Halloween is one of Babushka's favorito events. The decoraciones, the caramelos, the costumes!! What a wonderful way to bring out our fantasies. One of BB's biggest fantasia se preste for this day, it's spending a GNO with Disney's Villains, the Despicable Divas. The attitudes, the wardrobe, the cackles, all in one room.  Just picture it...

Sleeping Beauty (1959) artwork by Eyvind Earle
Sleeping Beauty (1959) artwork by Eyvind Earle

This months meeting place le toco a Maleficent. Seclusion of course is a must, and so is water access for Ursula, so Aurora's old abandoned cottage was perfecto. Always looking forward to their get togethers, they are anxious to swap tales, plots, and wrecking recipes. It's a welcome change to be with others like them, away from the rifraf.  Into  the cottage they come, the first thing you notice of course are the dressings and accesories.

Disney Villain Handbag

Disney Villains Travel, Makeup Bags
Disney Villains Travel, Makeup Bags

Disney Villains Cosmetic Case

Once seated, the refreshments are served. 

Disney Villains Mug and Spoon

Disney Villains Mini Glass Set

Now the party games and entertainment.

Disney Villains Monopoly Games

Disney Villains- Evilest of them All

And no party would be completo without Fiesta Favors!!

Disney Villains Tsum Tsum Plush Party Favors


Babushka not want to partake of that party? JU SO FONII!!

Which villains will you be hoping to see there?
And what goodies will you have for your GNO?

Happy Tri-Co-Tri Beautifuls!!

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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