April 30, 2020

This Abril, Don't Be a Fool. #TBT @ConexionFlorida April 2020

#TBT This was originally posted in the April Edition of Conexion , a bilingual newspaper BB has been contributing to for the past 5 years. So to those who think there are no Hispanics up in the Florida panhandle... JU SO FONII!!!


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
This Corona Virus is no joke. Y’all know Babushka sees the humor in almost everything, but the sickness,suffering and deaths no es nada comico. Hopefully by now everyone is taking this seriously and staying home as much as possible, and for those of you who are still doubting the severity of the situacion, aqui is a graph, as of April 1, of reported cases in the US. Notice EVERY SINGLE STATE has reported casos.

Ahora eso si, we Latinos are definitely a touchy feely, give me a hug kinda gente, so it may be hard to convince your loved ones to follow social distancing.  BB knows and understands that and likes the way the #WeAllGrow Latina Community shared suggestions on this topic.  The following was shared-

They also gave a heads up, saying our loved ones may not appreciate us taking the role of caregiver, so these are their suggested ways of engaging on the subject.
  1. “Make it emotional and personal so that your parents want to protect people. Tell them you hope people are being careful around an elderly neighbor, or mention an immuno-compromised friend who ends up in the hospital all the time.
  2. Find a role model they respect who’s doing the right things.”
Not a conversation to go into lightly, so be forewarned and forarmed. 

Now, just because the situation isn’t fonii, it doesn’t mean it’s without merit. En Diciembre 2019 (which seems at times like siglos ago) BB shared a stress releaser. “The above activity will help you see and hopefully focus on what your priorities are and or should be.” Babushka will share the link at the end of this article, but en resumen, stop and see what are your true necessities, your true blessings. No doubt you’ll be able to see them mejor ahora que tienes el tiempo.

As always, como siempre-
Babushka Besos a Todos. Cuidensen.
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