March 18, 2022

Magnifico #Miami #MonsterJam #FBF

Disclosure:  BB was given media tickets to share, attend, and write her impression of the March #monsterjam in Miami. All opinions are Babushka's and her Bunch.

Miami #MonsterJam


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Does that foto seem like fun and a goodtime was had by all?  ESO!!

From the momento we stepped into the Loan Depot Park, our excitement was all over the place, and we were so up, we didn’t know which way to go first!! The Miami Minis, Babushka’s Bunch in Miami, had gone to a Monster Jam before, but never had attended a “Pit Party”. Beautifuls, they had fun the primera vez, but this was beyond fun, this was ExtraExtra.  





Laughing Buddha was beside himself ; he loves arts and crafts! Not only did he get to see the Monster Trucks up close, but he got to color them and build a model!!! BB got to do a little coloring herself. See the cool mohawk she made?? Fun for child and adults, algo pa' todos. Truly an extra worth the little extra, is the Pit Party.

#MonsterJam !!!

Woah and Wow.

Beautifuls, cuando BB says this was a total experience, she isn't being Cubanita. There was cheering, jeering, concern (when cars flipped) and congratulations throughout the event. With names like, Grave Digger, Zombie, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, you know the competition was gonna be fun, fierce, and for real. Good theater for sure, put on by expert drivers and enthusiastic fans. Babushka was swept away with it all and knows you'd be too.  Pero the best of it all??


Lifelong memorias of a great time had by all.

Babushka wholeheartedly says go attend #MonsterJam as soon as you can.
 Aqui are some links to follow them:
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 The 2022 Monster Jam World Finals will be held in Orlando on May 21 and 22.

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