April 28, 2022

Oh Si! #BloggingBranson Bye Bye Branson- For Now. #hosted

 Babushka was hosted by #BloggingBranson to see the many maravillas for familias it has to offer.

  The series of posts are BB’s honest opinions and views.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
So, "tell me how you feel about a place without telling me how you feel about a place."
That foto says it all.

Our last day in Branson, MO. 
 Time to gather the memories and souvenirs. 
To make sure todo we want to take back is packed away- at least in our recuerdos.
pero first, 


Oh how we were going to miss this....
Actualmente, we were going to miss our Castle Casita mucho.

Es cute, quirky, a timeless beauty that doesn't take itself too seriously, but knows its worth and is happy and comfortable in its being. Welcoming all with amor and simple sincerity. Sounds familiar verdad?  Si Beautifuls, if there ever was a true kindred spirit, this palacio is BB's place.

The Beautifuls de #BloggingBranson had arranged a visita with The Track Family Fun Parks that Babushka had saved 'till the ultimo dia.  As soon as she saw that ferris wheel and the montañas surrounding us she knew that was how she wanted to end this trip. 

The Family Fun Tracks  a fun place whether you play or just watch. 

Perfecto for the intergenerational trip de familia!!

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BB's trip to Branson, MO.  And for those that didn't see the other places, a quick resumen-

Clay Cooper_Branson MO_BBabushka

A perfect intro to the marvelous musica and musical talento in Branson.  Clay is a natural entertainer who clearly loves the audience, what he does, and his talented familia- who join him on stage! An all around people pleasing party.


The Greats done justice by great impersonators. Whether you remember the originals or are seeing them for the first time, you'll see what made them legends via these performances.  The voices, the moves, the essence of the past are performed with respect and real love, and you'll love the show. Shows why the legends deserve their own living legacy.

 Mansion of Dreams- Rick Thomas
Rick Thomas_Mansion of Dreams_BBAbushka

They say Rick Thomas is a Master Illusionist, when in actuality, he's a Master Showman.
Way past "magic tricks", these are most assuredly illusions, although many a time Babushka was left wondering, but one thing no one questioned was the way he twirled story and mystery with bits of humor or playful banter.  When bordering on macabre, merriment would find its way into fun, a joy for the whole familia!

Babushka would love to go to their family reunions! Actually, when you watch the Hughes Brothers perform, you feel like you are in a family reunion.  It's so easy to get caught up in their brotherly banter and jabs. It's also easy to get caught up by their talent, harmony done with heart and perfection.  The love of performing and each other is obvious, as is the reason they've been performing for over 30 years together. Heartfelt horas worth sharing. 

The Haygoods_Branson MO_BBabushka

Wow and Woah. That's what y'all are going to be saying during and after el show de The Haygoods.
A family of 5 brothers, one sister, with their own take on music, dancing and performing which will take your breath away. Ranging from pyrotechnics to party, humor to harp, tap dancing to toe tapping, this familia leaves no doubt as to why they've been performing for over 28 years. All ages, all gustos will enjoy este!

This one isn't a "show" perse Beautifuls, unless you make it into one. Si, this is a totally interactive, submersive you get out of it what you put in kinda place y BB LOVED IT!!!  Plan at least half a dia for this and prepare to be amazed, amused and astounded by all you can do, play and learn here. One big building for all kinds of fun que the whole familia will enjoy. Definitivamente a DO in Branson MO.

If you'd like a more detailed descripcion, here are the posts per day:

So Beautifuls, what's BB's verdict on Branson MO as a place to visit?

Branson is a place for families; establishments are owned and run by families, not big corporations. A little piece of the US that is big on pride and gratitude. Where God, Familia and Country are celebrated in every show and all are welcomed. Here are the big shows of Vegas and Orlando, without the casinos or chaos. This is Branson, Missouri, and this is a place BB looks forward to visiting again.


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!

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