June 13, 2012

A Day Without Feibu y Tweety

Babushka didn't know what to do with herself on Monday. Bueno, let's rephrase that and give y'all a little background info here.  El Dr.'s 6th bday party was on Saturday, so of course La Tata and I were going, however on Friday when my eldest picked us up I hadn't quite finished with Tweety.  Thankfully during Hispanicize I had learned about HootSuite via the preciosa Paula Bendfelt-Diaz and had scheduled most of the weekend tweets, pero I still had a few left so I took my laptop.  And then on Sunday- I forgot my laptop. ::SIGH:: Ok, si, I know.

Now how many of you have had children say "I'm bored!" and you counter with "Well, you can always clean your room." or "You can ____________ (fill the blank w/some other chore) and that will keep you busy."  Yeap, that Karma sure has a wicked sense of humor doesn't she?

 So by 11 a.m. BB had:


This is how it's done in Little Havana


By 1:00 p.m.


Cuban Pañales aka Burp Cloths


By  2:00 p.m.
(just in time for Siesta)


Thank Goodness for Rice Cookers!
Arroz Amarillo w/vegetales w/hotdogs cut up
surrounding a mound of fufu w/fried eggs in the middle



Once I awoke after my 3.5 hour nap- Quuueeeee???
I was physically exhausted.  BB usually staggers her chores...over days. 
Or longer.

Babushka did notice one thing though. I was more relaxed and felt more, dare I say it - fullfilled?  I had, if only for the day, become an oldtime Cuban homemaker with the crocheting and everything! Oh my, the visions of life in the campo, the lessons of yore, the simpler pleasures... maybe I should try going without mi computadora for one day a week? What the hey, BB's all about living w/gusto- maybe the entire weekends?


When my daughter swung by after work with my laptop,
I didn't know which to kiss first- her or the computer.

; )

Time for a smartphone.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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