May 19, 2013

Almost Full Circle-

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

Before I started my Hispz13 posts I mentioned the Sherwin Williams initiative Colores Latinos, Artistas Latinos.  Bueno, since the last post was about sponsors with corazon and the next post is the final recap, BB felt this was the perfect timing for this story.

Throughout Hispanicize 2013, Sherwin Williams sponsored four renowned muralists to "live paint" during the event.  To quote- "We are excited to bring the most brilliant muralists to Hispanicize and have them showcase products like our Emerald Paint line and Purdy brushes and accessories at one of the highest profile Latino events of the year," says Jason Riveiro, multicultural marketing manager at Sherwin Williams Paint Stores Group.  "This is a dynamic way to demonstrate our quality products and our wide-range of color selections."

The four muralists were:

foto courtesy of Hispanicize Feibu page


foto courtesy of Hispanicize Feibu page
foto courtesy of ASPIRA Feibu page


fotos courtesy of Hispanicize Feibu page

Buenisimos right?  But if you thought this was just to showcase the colors and the Latino artists, then My Beautifuls-  JU SO FONII!!!  No, this is where the beloved twofer comes in.  Not only did Sherwin Williams do that, but the proceeds from the silent auction sales of the art were to go to ASPIRA of Florida, Inc.  The vision of ASPIRA of Florida is to "develop a better educated, more community conscious and committed youth". 

"This mission is achieved by providing students with access to education ad leadership development training while emphasizing self-esteem building and cultural pride. Students develop leadership skills and learn the ASPIRA Process of 1) Awareness 2)Analysis and 3)Action."  For more information on this very worthwhile and important non-profit organization you can contact George Cabrera, Pres. and CEO   Feibu page 

Now y'all understand why this post had to be in this order verdad?  

Colorful, giving, showcasing Latino talent.  

BB w/ASPIRA Pres & VPres

Ok, Si... That could describe Sherwin Williams too.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  This was not a sponsored post, just a story BB wanted to share.  
However, should Sherwin Williams ever decide to sponsor Babushka that too will be shared. 

p.p.s.  The Sherwin Williams Latino Feibu page

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