May 15, 2013

With ♥ - Con Corazon at Hispanicize 2013

There are many aspects of a blogger's association with sponsors. The first post BB wrote on Hispanicize 2013 was about pitching- that's the body, the physical.  The second post was the fun, the song, the soul.  But it's incomplete without the heart.  As Babushka's said before, it must be "with heart, from the heart."  This post is to thank the sponsors who showed their caring side, the corazon of giving to others because they can and believe sincerely that they should.

To believe that one's dreams are attainable, and that one is worthy of those dreams-That is Empowerment. Y eso is what The Adelante Movement tries to instill in Latinas.  This year we were privileged to hear from "Latina Living Legends".  Believe BB when I say this title given to these marvelous mujeres was not in vain.  They all came from humble backgrounds, faced adversities and made national/international names for themselves. Everyone in the audience was in awe and in love with all the ladies.  Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! Of course I'll show who they were.  

In a future post Babushka will get into more details & pics, but for now 
you can read the fabulous post by mi amiga Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi who graciously let BB use this picture.

This program is geared to helping young Latinos strive for a better future through education.  

"the Ford Driving Dreams through Education grants offer LULAC Councils the opportunity to develop projects 
that address high school dropout prevention in the Latino community"

Next, a little closer to home.  

In memory and honor of Hispanicize co-founder Louis Pagan, an educational fund was started for his two girls.  Not a dry eye was left in the house when P & G announced it would match the starting $5,000 donation for the children.  The full article is here. Donations are still accepted and greatly appreciated- .

The last sponsor Babushka will thank follows the belief BB has in her daily mid day Gigasecond of Gratitude.  There is something bigger than us the individual, call that what you may, and amidst all the commotion and craziness of a conference it's nice to be reminded of this.  Quietly and sincerely it declares- 

I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others.

Especially touching to BB was the video w/Scott Hamilton sharing his story.

"The only true disability in life is a bad attitude."

And isn't it nice to know there are sponsors who believe this

con ♥?  

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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