August 19, 2013

♪♫♪La-La LANUGO♪♫♪ Laugh & Learn with our Legacy


HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

If Babushka seems excited, it's because she is! Isn't that just about the cutest, most darling thing, that "Cafe con Leche"?  For those that don't read Spanish that means Coffee w/Milk and is to the Cuban culture our mainstay breakfast and very much part of our ethnic history. Gracias to the vendors I met in Hispanicize, I was introduced to this line of baby products celebrating Hispanic history through our sayings and loveable characters.  Of course this one struck an awww and an Oh my and Oh Yeah, and when I went on their site to read more about Mia the Monita you KNOW BB was in Amor!!!

Now, not only am I in love with Mia, but I am very happy to say the creators of these products are just as wonderful.  Carla & Roberto are a married couple who upon starting a family noticed there was nothing for babies in the stores geared towards preserving our latino sayings and customs, thus Lanugo was launched. 

Way before Hispanicize, BB had received personalized cds with my grandbabies' names which were spectacular, so it didn't surprise me when I saw in person that the rest of the products they have are of the same quality.   This quality and message rings sooo true to Babushka that I ask you My Beautifuls, to watch the short video below and to vote for these precioso productos to be on Walmart's shelves. 

So please, por fa, cast a daily vote for Lanugo!!

And for those of you asking if this is a paid ad, JU SO FONII!!!  No, Babushka truly likes these people and their products so I offered to share their story.  Ahora, the S Sisters did appear this morning when I received an email from Paula of who informed me of my winning a Lanugo product via her last giveaway. Talk about quick karma!  And just what did BB pick???

I'm thinking it's time La Princesa started carrying her own Popa bag, so I'll give it to her.


;  )

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

P.S. Right now Paula is having another Lanugo giveaway, this time for the wonderful cds I received for my grandbabies. 
You'll love it! 

P.P.S.  If you're like BB and want to see these products in your stores, feel free to Tweety any of the following:

"Y Colorín, Colorado, este cuento está comenzando…" Cast your daily vote for @BebeLanugo in Walmart's #GetOnTheShelf

@BebeLanugo #Hispanic T-shirts are competing in Walmart's #GetOnTheShelf contest! VOTE DAILY at . 

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