March 25, 2014

A Pre-Valentine's Get together - with AMBAR

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

Dedicated to +ambarmusical .

 This post was originally part of my Miami recap, 
but the woman it talks about deserves the same trato that she gives- 
detailed attention, sincerely and with heart.




When:  Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 6pm

Where:  1050 Brickell Avenue

12th Floor, Wine Room


At almost 3 years in the blogging gig, I've been to a few events and press junkets, but I must say nada and none had the special touch of this one.  A small group of bloggers for an intimate gathering and personal attention. It truly did feel like a group of friends just hanging out, enjoying the good things in life and each other. 

 By the end of the evening BB could tell this was a true representation of our hostess Ambar. 

 For those who don't know who she is, she is a multitalented singer who put her career on hold while she raised her child.This kind of dedication to the "realness" of life eminates in her.  In her toast she stressed that Valentine's Day wasn't only about romantic love, that there were so many other types just as, if not more important.  

She dedicated the evening to family, friends and self love.  

Ambar instructed us to follow our dreams and our hearts- and this is one lady who did and does just that.  After leaving "show business" to care for her son, shes returned como si nada- without skipping a beat. But she's definitely has lots of people dancing to one!! Her new CD is BUENISIMO!!  Honestly, Babushka isn't much of a follower of the newer musica, but I definitely can bailar to this one. See if you don't agree with BB.

 Who say's you can't go back again??  Not only is she back, but she's focused and with fervor. She  has her cd and also shows her love of fashion by bringing us her own line of designer watches.  Although they were debuting in March, she was the perfect hostess and gave her guests autographed, numbered timepieces before the official launch.

With all her wonderful qualities, vision, and genuine generosity,
 todas fell in love with this Bella Boricua.

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And let's all vote for her en los Premios Juventud- vote by 3/30 !!

And now, another of her songs y-


Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  On BB's Feibu page- the complete foto album de la noche

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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