March 28, 2014

Disney's Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic - Move over Dora.

This review was facilitated; BB got it in the mail for her opinion. Y aqui esta.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Hoy Babushka gets to review the newest of Disney's Doc McStuffins videos- Mobile Clinic.  Once again the S Sisters were looking out for BB, because the Doc happens to be the latest love of my granddaughter La Princesa.  Not only that, but it's also her 5th Bday on March 27 and she'll be getting this DVD - talk about Terrific Twofer!!


Honestamente, I wanted to see how could Doc replace the classic y muy querida Dora, so I was happy to receive and review the DVD.  Ahora, let's see what La Princesa enjoys about the Doc.

Episode 1- Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile

In this episode Doc McStuffins realizes she needs a mobile way to tend to her patients. 

The takeaways were:

Checkups-  what is done during a doctor visit
Perserverance- the Doc kept at her "Doc Mobile" until it became a reality.

Episode 2 Chip Off The Ol' Box

The support of friends & family is the main idea of this episode. 


It's OK to ask for help.
Parents get sick too.
Believe in yourself.

Episode 3 Doc to the Rescue

Staying Calm during Emergencies was the main point of this episode.

Now, even though that was the main point and takeaways for children, 
for BB this was my fav because it was hysterical!! 
 In this scene the Doc asks the doll what she learned- and BB quotes, 

"Fashion Wear isn't the answer to everything"

Episode 4- Don't Knock the Noggin'

The importance of headgear is highlighted in this episode.


You can be "Rad" and cool while wearing a helmet.
Helmets help against head injuries.

Ok, BB can see the attraction and even appreciates La Princesa going to the Doc.

De veras, how can you not see the pluses of a female doctor, African American, who can fix toys with intelligence, care and song, while also having a loving family who supports her and her medical practice.  BELLA!! I can see where my granddaughter would sympathize and see herself, and a great role model like Doc McStuffin is most celebrado en our house. Now... if we can only teach her to speak in Spanish...

BB wholeheartedly approves and enjoys Disney's Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic and knows y'all will too.  

Let Babushka know what's your view on the Doc and which was your favorite episode.


P.S.  If you think this is the only thing La Princesa is getting for her bday- JU SO FONII!!!
  Pero that will be in another post.

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