April 09, 2014

BB's Being a Blockhead- Be Careful What You Wish For.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

Babushka's writing this at 11:23 PM while waiting for my clothes to wash. Before I forget the events of the dia, before I fall asleep while trying to type this.  Oh si, I know y'all have had this type of a day.

BB's still mentally and physically trying to "go back to normal" from my 12 hour bus ride, sleeping on recliners,taking care of grandmothers y grandbabies and La Potencia that is Hispanicize.  Don't think I'll be able to totally clear the effects of this trip 'till I'm back Up North in The South- for awhile.  Queee??  You think I'm just being Cubana and exagerating??  Unfortunately My Beautifuls, it's gone beyond just "Pulling a BB" (although I did do a couple of those too). Sit back, sientensen, get comfy y comodas y hopefully we'll both crack a smile while BB shares her Being a Blockhead Blues.

Blockhead. It's that feeling when you're not really thinking, just reacting.  The times when nothing new could possibly enter your brain; it's become a block.  Kinda like having a headcold, but without the fofos...

Babushka was up at 7:30 am. Ahuh- right there you know things aren't normal. I had gone to bed knowing La Tata had run out of her medicinal supplies and needed me to get them in the morning. Running on autopilot I took the bus to La Tata's Clinica to pick them up- didn't even drink cafe. Zombie autopilot- no bueno. Wanting to take advantage of my allday bus pass- quee? BB was Blockhead not braindead, hay que aprovechar those deals! Continuing. Wanting to take advantge of the pass, BB was going to do some grocery shopping. Just a few items, so I took my wheeled carryon luggage. Bueno, the medicinal supplies turned out to be 5 packages of incontinence pads- the BIG packages; they didnt all fit in the carryon.  Luckily there was a foldup wheeled carryon in the outside pocket that could be used! Unluckily it broke when I was running towards the bus.

And the "few things" I was going to buy at the supermarket turned out to be 2 gallons of milk, a 10 lb bag of chicken, salad fixins, 2 lbs linguine, 2 pkgs Cafe Cubano, Green plantains,coldcuts, cereal, butter, candy, Cuban Crackers, mini croissants, plantain chips and cheese.  Si, this is why Sweetie raises his eyebrows when I go out for "just a few things" and why my credit card companies love Babushka so much.  Naturally all this didn't fit in the carryon so I was also lugging 4 extra bags into the bus. Everyone was glad I just had to go 4 blocks. Y yes, I took the bus because they are 4 looooonnnnggg blocks. Matter of fact, BB's one of those that won't take the shopping cart out of the parking lot if my life depended on it, but I'm glad for the person on 8th St. and 15 Ave who doesn't follow that same outlook, porque Babushka used the cart they had taken- because my life DID depend on it! Again, in Little Havana, those are loooooonnnnngggg blocks.

Arriving at La Tata's redfaced, sweating, and almost passed out, it was now 10 am.  To BB it seemed like I had lived a week in those 2.5 hours. My only thought before taking an early Siesta- How does one go about canonizing the inventor of ice cubes and air conditioning??

Five hours later - quee? I had to agregar, add on the sleep hours missed from my early rise, no?? Cinco horas despues I was making La Tata's afternoon cafe con leche when a torrential rain storm hit Little Havana. How refreshing it made the evening air, so much so I decided to go do some shopping after dinner for La Tata, another "few things" that were needed.  Ok si, they didn't all fit.  But that wasn't the peor.  During self checkout I forgot to add the coupons, again proof of Blockheaditis, so the manager had to cancel out the transaction. We moved to another register where he rang the items up again, and then he used the wrong reward card (BB carries 2- one is La Tata's) and had to start all over again. FINALLY the 4 liters of soda were in the carryon and 2 extra bags in hand.  Now, I don't know if it was the weight, the overuse, the abuse, but the handle of the carryon refused to fully slide upwards.  Babushka was doing a Quasimodo impression down SW Eighth street, dragging the carryon, holding the bags, and trying not to fall over because BB's body was hunched more than half. In a burst of "COME ON NOW!" the carryon was flung/flicked by the handle and went to its correct position. After all that, the 5 looooonnnnggg blocks back to La Tata's didn't seem that bad.

Now, here's the part where Babushka says to "Be careful What You Wish For".  Once BB was walking upright, the evening breeze was cool; it was pleasurable and somewhat mind clearing. The affects of exercize aren't too well practised or known to Babushka, so I said to myself, "I wish I could do more of this to clear the blockhead." Bueno My Beautifuls- PorQue??!!!  I arrived at La Tata's and realized I had left the credit card at the store.  Oh si, yes BB did.

The store was called; they had the card. Babushka took the bus this time.  Not only did BB take the bus, but the evening air was so enticing, a trip to Downtown was taken- spur of the moment.  Why not? BB had the all day bus pass and needed to recharge it for another day, so to the Brickell metrostation I went.  

The pass autoload option wasn't functioning correctly so BB bought a new card,
 also had 40 mins until the next guagua so I went across the street to buy "a few things".  

40 minutes later, on the way back to Little Havana, Babushka asked the driver if 12th & 7th was the closest to La Tata's.  He said yes, and in the next stop- which was 8th & 7th BB got off.  Zombie autopilot struck again.  An extra 4 loooonnnggg blocks were added to the camina to casa. 

 ::Sigh:: y Self :: BOPASO::

On the corner of La Tata's the rain decided to dance again.  

Now I will ask you a seemingly random question My Beautifuls, but you'll understand in a moment why la pregunta.  Do you remember your potty training? Unfortunately BB can't ask her madre for verification, but it seems everytime Babushka gets near home, "dancing at the door" happens. She must have said "you can hold it 'till we get to casa." and it's ingrained in the subconscious. Bueno, La Tata's front lock took this moment to stick; should have held on to one of her medicinal supplies. Thankfully I was already wet by the lluvia.

My Bella Amiga Jewel Figueras said she doesn't follow reality shows, but one about Babushka's Life in Little Havana she'd watch...

So, has the Blockhead gone? 


Pero I did use up my all day bus pass.

; ) 

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!

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