December 05, 2014

The Circle of Life. To Care con Cariño- for Loved Ones & Yourself. #Caregiving #AARP #AARPCUIDAR

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

The Circle of Life, Circulo de La Vida. 
Now before y'all start singing the Disney tune, see what tune you sing despues de ver esto.

Bittersweet verdad? Oh, but what a grateful cancion to be able to sing.

Last month BB was invited to an AARP luncheon promoting their #AARPCuidar program. 

"This program provides much needed resources and information to Hispanic/Latino Caregivers and their families across the nation. The goal is to let the Latino community know that AARP has a wealth of information to help them care for their loved ones and themselves. The information is in-language and in-culture."

Signs from the luncheon, and My Capitan Maria de los Angeles sharing some caregiving insights

As you may recall My Beautifuls, when in Miami Babushka stays with her 92 year old grandmother, La Tata. Like many elderly, she has her bouts with being mal geniosa and depression as shared before, so the premise of caregiving to an older loved one wasn't new to BB. However, to find out that AARP has dedicated an entire campaign- in English Y en Español was enlightening, and even a relief.

In the Hispanic culture, families take care of their elderly without question.  Before, there was always a family member who stayed home to be the caregiver, nowadays the percentage of those who can actually do so is getting smaller and smaller.  How does one ask for help for something that has always been a given?  AARP has resources for those giving care, and also for those who will receive it. Quee?? Ok Si, JU SO FONII!!! If we're lucky, si tenemos suerte, we'll ALL have to receive it.  

So if you're the one now being the caregiver, there are articles to help you care for your loved one, and articles to help  you care for yourself.  It's very easy to forget that last part. Por favor don't. And if you can pass along the info to the ones who'll probably be taking care of you in the future, you'll be doing everyone a big favor.  At the very least, give them the websites so they know there is help, and this is just a part of The Circle of Life.

NOW you can start singing.

; )


*Disclosure- Babushka was compensated for this post, but the sentiments are all BB's.

The websites to visit or to find out what resources and information is available to caregivers and their families.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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