May 29, 2015

National 529 Day - Florida 529 Savings Plan,BB Could've Used You!!!

This post is sponsored by Florida College Prepaid and Bloggin' Mamas, with personal experiences and views being 100% all Babushka.

college graduation,florida college prepaid, 529 plan

Thanks to the Florida College Prepaid Plan, My Eldest was able to receive her Bachelor’s at Florida State University.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Today is 5/29 and we’re going to be talking about the 529 Savings Plan. Clever of la gente del Florida 529 Savings Plan verdad? Also clever is the actual plan itself. A little history and info: “529 savings plans are named after section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code 26 U.S.C. § 529 and are designed to encourage saving for future higher education expenses of a designated beneficiary.” Future education expenses...

As parents, we all want our children to have wonderful lives with marvelous careers.  Even before their birth, we’re already thinking about their future and how we can help them be successful. Babushka was no different. When The Trio were little, the Florida College Prepaid Plan was enacted and thankfully Babushka was able to pay the plan for them. As you saw, My Eldest used the plan to get her Bachelors of Arts, and My Little One just received her AA and is going onto her Bachelors thanks to the plan.  My son MAC went into the Marines and is a Master Electrician, thus he didn’t need his plan and is transferring it to his youngest son.

Back in the day the Florida College 529 wasn’t available, otherwise BB DEFINITELY would have started one. With only $25 Babushka could have opened an account and continued to contribute whenever/whatever was possible. Oh how that would have helped when all the incidentals like lab fees, parking fees, equipment fees, etc. had to be paid! Because I had the Prepaid it was for incidentals, but if you have the 529 Savings plan you could use the plan for so much more. “Money from a 529 plan can be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required for study at any accredited college, university or vocational school in the United States and at some foreign universities. The money can also be used for room and board, as long as the fund beneficiary is at least a half-time student. Off-campus housing costs are covered up to the allowance for room and board that the college includes in its cost of attendance for federal financial-aid purposes.

Florida,Prepaid college, 529 Savings,Investment,College

And the flexibility! YOU choose the investment option, then put in as much and as often as you can. “Even if you can’t save for your child’s entire college education, starting something is always better than doing nothing.”  They ain’t just whistln La Guantanamera with that one My Beautifuls!! There are 11 investment options, and as the years and fortunas siguen, you can change how much you contribute and how they’re allocated at any momento.
College Investment Plan,contributions,savings,college

Another benefit of the 529 Savings Plan? With the 529 plan you’re not limited to enrollment dates and can open it at anytime. That extra dinerito in your birthday card from Tia ? Abre la cuenta. The unexpected bonus del trabajo? Open the account. Use your blessings of today to help with your children’s blessing of mañana.

college savings plan,investments,education

BB's Blessing of Mañana

Not have them covered w/ Florida College Prepaid & 529 Savings Plan?



P.S. Florida Residency is not required.  Anyone 18 yrs and older who's a US Citizen or Resident alien may open a 529 Savings for a child or adult,regardless of age, who is a US Citizen or Resident alien.  So my fellow Abuelitas- A ABRIR LAS CUENTAS!!!

El website and FAQ for mas detalles.

May 27, 2015

Because Bloggers Estamos en To'o ! @CasaLatinaHome & #BBBootcampMIA Home Expo & Blogger Conference

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!!

Vieron eso?  Did you see that graphic? Ok si, Babushka was trying to stay home more, to dedicar some energy to the causes and cosas Up North in The South, pero how can one say no to an event that combines both Casa and Business? Talk about TREMENDO TWOFER!!! BB not go to that one? JU SO FONII!!

The CasaLatina Home Expo portion will feature exhibitors on home buying, DIY, home decor, cooking, health in the home, and much more and is worth attending just for that, but as if that wasn't enough there's the Blogger Business Bootcamp going on too!

The Bootcamp, #BBBootcampMIA is for everyone who wants to learn the blogging biz. For those of us already blogging we know how sumamente importante it is to network and learn,learn,learn- this is the perfect way to do it. Two days, Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31 of doing just that, bringing up your blogging knowledge and being inspired too! And My Beautifuls, they have brought in two of the best for that!!  From the site-

Appearing Live

Hailed as the queen of Latin media, a beloved television personality and former host and executive producer of the Emmy-Award winning talk show, The Cristina Show, a savvy businesswoman, one of the most influential Hispanics in America and a loving wife and mother.


Giselle Blondet, Puerto Rican actress and TV personality, will be signing her book Tengo 50. Y que?! at Casa Latina Home Expo, as well as discussing her life’s successes and obstacles. Blondet, former co-host of Univision’s popular Despierta America, has enjoyed great success on the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina, where she has helped young Latino women achieve their dreams.

Buenisimo Right??!!

And of course there's the panel Babushka's on...

IKEA, MOEN, y LatinBlah.  TAMBIEN Buenisimo verdad??!!
BB's in good company and know we're gonna have fun in that one!

Porseacaso you need a little more incentive, 
Babushka's Beautifuls attend FREE!!!



Para those who want to attend Saturday, the code is BLOGSAT
for Sunday the code is BLOGSUN.
And the cherry on the ice cream is that the expo admission is included!!!

Ahora there are no excusas, BB can't wait to see y'all in the #BBBootcampMIA !

Hasta el Sabado My Beautifuls!!!


May 21, 2015

Imagination Playground, PGATour, Bloggin' Mamas and The Grands. Golf will never be the same.

Invited by the PGATour Family group and Bloggin' Mamas,
these are Babushka's impressions of the event. Mine and The Grands.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Bueno, BB told you about the first part of the week in this post, now it’s the finde and things change a little bit. The weekend is time for familia, so when Babushka was asked to attend an event for children of course she thought of The Grands and said Si! You know BB lives for twofers, so if she can bring her loves to join in the career she loves, it’s a given!

And then they told me it was for the PGA Cadillac Tournament at Trump National Doral. Que Quee??? Now, BB doesn’t know who’s idea it was to take children to a golf tournament, pero JU SO FONII!!! It’s not that they’re bad kids, it’s just that they’re Cuban kids. Especially Cuban kids related to Babushka! You know silence is not in their sangre.

LLegando to the Trump National The Grands were impressed and realized the grandeur they were in.  

Trump National Doral Miami Entrance

It didn't stop them from being themselves,

the trump national doral in miami kids playground

but they did realize the grandeur they were in.

As we headed out to the grounds, the Bloggin' Mamas saw the open spaces, the grounds, and the Carlos Santana Sign, and were in awe.

Cadillac Championship PGA Tour Trump National Doral Carlos Santana sign

Babushka, with fan in hand, was ready to give out a good ::BOPASO:: to Grand or stranger who dared to shush a Grand (because we all know only familia have that right) and was guarding the back flank.  When all of the sudden in the stillness of the tournament there's heard a 

"That's soooooooo my car!"

Cadillac Championship Trump National Doral Children Appreciation

PicaPica (being BB's Grandson) saw what he wanted and went straight for it. 
 He even stepped on the platform and went for the handle.  
The alarm was actually louder than he was.

IMGPlayground Zone Entrance at PGA Cadillac Championship

Arriving at the playground, cleverly placed wwwaaaayyyy away from the tournament playing field,
the children saw the playground and went straight to play.

Building fun at the Imagination Playground PGA Cadillac Championship

With no moving parts but the children themselves, The Grands had an incredible time.  
They planned,built, tore down, worked together, and by themselves.

Autism Building at the Imagination Playground

Even La Princesa knew what to do.  Autism aside, she was drawn to the "giant blue pillow blocks" and began making her kingdom. She even went to the structure of some older girls to go through their building. And then took the parts she wanted.  Que puedo decir? There's a reason we call her La Princesa.  Everyone of the children loved the Imagination Playground. Even the one who couldn't play on it.

Dr. J the Baby wants Imagination Playground

Wish I was big enough to play at the @IMGPlayground 
#PGAKids #FamilySpace #PGAMamas

When Babushka was about to write this story, she contacted the President of the company, Dave Krishock (muy buena gente btw) and asked him what he'd like to share with you My Beautifuls. He wrote the following:

The idea is based on loose parts play - in our case kid sized big blue blocks - and child directed free play. 
All of this leads to purposeful play - the child loves stacking, connecting, and channeling with our blocks - and during play sessions the child learns collaboration, problem solving - improves fine and gross motor skills - and engages in deep play that exercises self expression and creativity - lots of fun and joy as children build and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Second - our partnership with the PGA Tour and in this case The Honda Classic. 
The PGA Tour approached us three quarters of a year ago with an opportunity to demonstrate Imagination Playground at a limited number of PGA Tour events in 2015 - in an effort to build out their Kids Zone play initiative. 
We knew Imagination Playground would delight the children and engage the families. 
We are pleased to be helping the PGA Tour and their events - and proud to possibly be included in their future plans. 
We respect the PGA Tour and their events because they raise so much money to help advance the work of local charities - many of which help families and children - just like us, Imagination Playground. 

No te lo dije? Nice guy, buena gente. Most importantly, he believes in his product, as well he should. The Grands were out there for 2 hours. Y querian mas, it wasn't enough! But it was enough for BB.  It was nice to know children don't need gadgets with a million working parts, just the gadget of their imagination.  The sign pictured above listing the physical building benefits? 100% true, cada punto.

It was nice to see The Grands away from electronics, but let's be real, that is today's world.  To this too the Imagination Playground has put their spin on an app, the Imagination Playground 3D Builder app. 

children's app to understand construction engineering physics understanding proportion geometry basic math

 "Build with the principles of construction and engineering in the quick builder mode. Observe the effects of physics by turning on gravity mode and watch the Blocks take on their real life physical properties. Use the Blocks to understand proportion, geometry, and basic math principles—or just relax, create, and have fun."

Children's Building App Construction Engineering Math

They've thought of it all, got it all covered. Mind, Body, and because they've left this Babushka so happy , my soul is there too.  Honestamente, seeing The Grands enjoy themselves they way they did, made the world seem like a simpler place again. Entre the beauty of the grounds, the quiet of the event, and the smiles on our faces, this is one moment we'll relive happily again and again.

Bloggin' Mamas Group at the Imagination Playground

See when they'll be in your area My Beautifuls, y si no, 
go to their website and see how wonderful and affordable this kind of play can be.  

For this kind of fun and memories, Imagination Playground truly is priceless.


Proving that not only did The Grands know where they were,
 they even knew of the Donald!  See their impressions on her post.

May 19, 2015

Babies keep Growing, and so did @Dreft. #Amazinghood

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Dreft.  All opinions are 100% mine.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Babushka remembers my Mama said she used Dreft when BB was bb, and on that recommendation it was also used on The Trio.  Bueno, now it’s time for the third generation of la familia to use this wonderful baby detergent and imposible pero cierto, it’s even better!  

Dreft Newborn Baby Detergent

The Dreamy y Darlin' Dr. J, BB's youngest Grandson, is modeling Dreft's Newborn Liquid Detergent.
Gracias to his mom @CristylsCorazon for the pics. 

Dreft's latest products Newborn Active Baby Blissful Scent Booster

  • Dreft Newborn (Stage One): Expectant and new parents can wash their little one's fabrics with Dreft’s same beloved hypoallergenic formula, designed to be tough on stains and gentle on baby’s skin with the beloved Dreft baby scent.
  • NEW Dreft Active Baby (Stage Two): Specially designed with a growing, developing baby in mind, NEW Dreft Active Baby helps to remove 99% of baby food stains and other outdoor messes with a gentle, hypoallergenic formula and fresh scent.
  • NEW Dreft Blissfuls (Stage Three): NEW Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent boosters gives families the baby fresh scent they love. Safe on all fabrics, these beads help bring back that nostalgic, amazing baby scent (and all those memories) with every wash."

3 Stages of detergent because we know there are at least that many stages of babyhood- or as they like to say, #Amazinghood.

As an abuela, Babushka can honestly say each and every etapa is a Blessing.
And como you know My Beautifuls, BB loves to share her Blessings.
 So as we have received this, we want y'all to have a chance of receiving it too!

Dreft #Amazinghood Giveaway Prizes

It's nice to see that there's a dedicated laundry detergente for active babies. BB always worried that the crawlers were getting dirtier than when first born, pero I didn't have the heart to use "big gente" detergent on them; glad the parents of today don't have to.  Y aqui's another cool thing the parents of today have-

Dreft Amazing Baby iphone app

"Dreft's "Amazing Baby Days" app now available for FREE on the App store. This one- of-a kind app helps parents - and parents to be - capture the amazing moments of pregnancy through their baby's first year and has recently been updated so that moms and dads can make keepsake movies from photos and videos captured within the app!"

And speaking of videos...
if you thought BB wasn't going to show one of Dr. J-

Thanks to Dreft for these amazing products being presented by my little one. Dando gracias Dreft por sus productos...
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Tweety @Dreft 

May 15, 2015

March Madness- A La BB!! Continuation...

This post has sponsors & swag, and como siempre, Babushka's personal take on all of it.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!!

Hoy Babushka continues the Hays of March. That's "hays" in Spanish, as in  hay-hay que hacer, plural. Hay as in has, porque BB has a lot of catching up to do. Y si, a play on the Ides of March too. Life has so many meanings when you live it bilingually! Continuing.

The Original March madness post was a short prelude and got to March 1. The second post for March was on the @PGATourWoman and got us hasta the second of March. A ver how far we can get on this one. Ahora, as you well know Beautifuls, if BB's around there's an aventura, pero there's a lot of dance floor to cover, so put on your Dr. Scholl's y  ♪A BAILAR SE HA DICHO!♪

If you follow @BBabushka on Instagram you may have seen some of these. Hope you enjoy them a second time.   ; )

March 3-

  Boca Nail Bar Bloggin' Mamas Grand Opening

Pre-Opening Event w/ Bloggin' Mamas

Now My Beautifuls, BB knows Boca Raton has a rep for being posh, but seriously...
Boca Nail Bar.  Wow and Woah.

March 4, Wednesday. 
Babushka spent the day at Tata's staring at her beautifully manicured gel nailpolished nails.

March 5, Thursday.

First, we start the day off with an event that truly should be a national holiday.

305 Cafecito Day Miami JLPR Jenny Lee Molina Ball and Chain Bar

Celebrated at Little Havana's fabled Ball & Chain, Jenny Lee Molina, the creator of the 305 fenomeno and owner of the boutique PR company JLPR  was very happy to see BB.  She's such a Bella; notice how she's making 3 0 5 with her hands. Cutisima. Also, mi amiga, the ever going Anneliesse Morales, sharing the giant poster of her gracing a local publication. And porsupuesto, can't have cafecito sin sugar and pastelitos!!  Now you know Babushka would have felizmente stayed there the whole day, pero there were other events waiting to be shared and savored.

winn dixie calle ocho carnaval miami

And when Babushka says savored My Beautifuls, she ain't just whislin' La Guantanamera! 
Especially in Miami!! Doubly especially when you're a #CarnavalMiaVIP and you attend the marvelous #WDCalle8 Cooking Contest hosted by the muy querido y comico Chef Pepin

Chef Pepin WDCalle8 Winn Dixie Cooking Contest
pictured are Chef Pepin, Janie Flores, y My Capitan Maria de los Angeles.

Es mas, Chef Pepin remembered Babushka from long ago when he worked in La Tata's nightclub. 
Not only is he a corazon, but he has a memory as good as his attitude!

We tweeted, we toured, we tasted. Si, it was a very nice way to end the day.
Gracias de Nuevo Winn Dixie.

March 6, Friday.

On this day My Beautifuls, the event was so big it was held at the SunLife Stadium.
And needed two collages to do it semi justice. 

ford motor company cars ford mustang ecoboost sunlife stadium miami

Ford Ecoboost Challenge Sunlife Stadium Miami Ford Transit

Pictured w/ Heather Lopez and Ford Rep Rachel Young, BB drove a Ford Mustang- oh yes she did!!
Babushka also tried the Focus, the Fiesta, and the Transit.  This is where the idea to take the Grands around in the "unminivan" took place. Pero that story is for another time.  Suffice to say we all left test driven out and impressed by what we saw. Did BB have a favorito? JU SO FONII!!! You know mine is a Familia Pa' Ford, so how could there possibly be only one loved???

And that was the "work" week Monday-Friday, but we all know bloggers don't have the regular hours of others, so of course Saturday had another aventura. But Babushka has a hueco in her insoles and cayos from typing so much, so that historia will also be for another time. 

Enjoy your finde My Beautifuls, and until la proxima,