August 05, 2015

@ConsumerReports shares how Hospitals Make Us Sick #AdiosSuperBacterias #SlamSuperBugs

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consumer reports MRSA Testing

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When BB was bb, she remembers her dad going to visit relatives in the hospital, but he wouldn't touch anything, stood standing, and didn't even drink from the water fountains. "There are germs all over the place here, ni el agua es safe." Turns out el viejo wasn't far from the truth.

Now you know BB's all about the positive, pero it's easier to be positivo if you're in good health, and the very place we go to get mejor might be the very place that gets us peor.  Hospitales should be the one place we're safe from the new "super bugs"; lamentablemente they are the perfect breeding place for them.  Every year an estimated 648,000 personas in the US develop infecciones during a hospital stay and according to the CDC- Center for Disease Control and prevention, about 75,000 end in death. 

Does this mean we shouldn't go to hospitals??  JU SO FONII!!! Of course we need hospitales, but we need to go in with los ojos abiertos and a plan to betterment not bitterment. So, before you get all paranoid and freakiada, there are steps you can do to protect yourself and loved ones- even if you just go pa' visita.  The above graphic gives you excellent suggestions, and the Tweety Chat hosted by Elianne Ramos aka @ERGeekGoddess va estar super informative about these new strains of bacterias.

Hospital Tweetchat Promo REV.png

Hope you can join us mañana on this sumamente importante and informative chat Beautifuls.
For your safety and your familias.
Nos vemos alli.


P.S.  A link BB shared on Feibu with the actual report by Consumer Reports.

How Your Hospital Can Make You Sick - new report from @ConsumerReports
Posted by Bohemian Babushka on Saturday, August 1, 2015
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