June 14, 2016

BB Blabs 'Bout 'Buela - Show 4 @Carla_Curiel Creator of @MundoLanugo

BB Blabs 'Bout 'Buela Show 4 Carla Curiel Mundo Lanugo_Grandparents_Bilingual_earlyed

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

Show 4 of BB Blabs was a little bit different this time; the guest being interviewed isn't an abuela.
Pero she invented one of the most charming Grandmothers Babushka has ever met- Doña Antigua.

La Doña is grandmother to Gloria, a personal friend of BB's, por largo rato.

Mundo Lanugo Bilingual Biculture Children Spanish Culture Animation Apps

Years of Amor & Amistad.

Babushka had to ask Carla what prompted her to add La Doña to the Mundo Lanugo Lineup; what did she see the role of Grandparents being? Inspired como siempre, she touched on families where grandparents are raising their grandchildren (as is the case con Gloria), the different types of abuelas- the ones who were "AbuelaMoms" and the "AbuelaParty". Y si, BB es de the latter.  Pero in whichever group the grandparent is, they are definitely an important and intricate part of la familia.

To hear the full interview, please click here:

And here, our true guest of honor esta noche-  Doña Antigua.

She has so much in common with Babushka! 
El baile, the way she sings. Quee??  JU SO FONII!!  
Ok, BB doesn't clean, but besides that the similarities are astounding!  

Tambien astounding are the wonderful productos, sites & youtubes of Mundo Lanugo.

So Beautifuls, this BB Blabs y grandma was diferente -
but then again, if you've been following BB,
a different kinda grandma is something you're used to.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

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