February 28, 2017

Abuela & Mom, Feeling Buddies Tag Team #FB4F @BlogginMamas Sponsored

Conscious Discipline has picked Babushka and hija Cristyl's Corazon as a team evaluator of their  HOME  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  for  Families  Toolkit. Parte of Bloggin' Mamas, we have been compensated for these posts, however all opinions and reactions/outcomes are nuestros.

Now you KNOW this had to be included.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Isn't that picture just perfecto? Not only does it incluye "dance", pero the relationship between adulto y niño. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears, and this toolkit couldn't have been sent to Babushka at a better time. If you've been following BB en los redes, you've seen much more of my Eldest daughter, Cristyl's, familia. They've joined BB y Sweetie Up North in The South and Babushka isn't a long distance abuela to them anymore!! Blessings abounding, pero tambien the responsability. Quee?? Does that mean BB won't spoil them anymore? JU SO FONII!! Por supuesto there'll still be spoiling, pero to help mi hija, Babushka will also have to ayudar en la disciplina and long term molding de la cria. Y si, learn how to interact with a grownup daughter, her husband, and the dynamics of that.

Felizmente the S Sisters saw fit to send Conscious Discipline into our vidas. In its 20th year, this program has been used by schools and trained individuals to help children learn lifelong self regulation rules. Now, they've introduced the same principles to help familias in their casas. HOME  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  for  Families  Toolkit is for all ages and stages. 

"  The  HOME  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  for  Families  Toolkit  is  a  newly  released  product  from  Conscious   Discipline,  a  leading  provider  in  social-­‐emotional  learning  and  classroom  management  resources.  This     Self-­‐Regulation  toolkit  is  exclusively  available  for  purchase  at  http://feelingbuddies.com/      The  Toolkit  is  inspired  by  the  best  selling  CLASSROOM  EDITION:  Feeling  Buddies  Self-­‐Regulation  Toolkit,   which  has  consistently  brought  about  transformational  results  in  schools,  even  with  hard-­‐to-­‐reach  and   special  needs  students.      The  kit  was  reimagined  for  home  use,  and  includes  content  and  resources  that  present  a  framework  for     self-­‐regulation  for  adults  and  children.  The  kit  also  includes  access  to  six  video  coaching  sessions  with  the   creator  and  Conscious  Discipline  founder,  Dr.  Becky  Bailey.  "

Feeling Buddies Toolkit

Cristyl and BB are waiting for her esposo and La Princesa to move up here next week to start implementing el programa. Esto es serio and requires real effort and dedicacion, porque es for nuestros hijos. A program that gives them ejemplos and ways to self regulate emociones is invaluable, priceless. and a lifelong memoria.

Algo ALL Abuelas want to be.

; )


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