February 28, 2017

Learn the Basics. Feb. 28, 8 pm #ABLEUnited #webinar #Florida #specialneeds

Babushka is honored to be part of ABLE Mama'Bassadors program between ABLEUnited and Bloggin' Mamas. Opinions stated are all BB's.

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Babushka is feeling so proud of her home state of Florida. Making sure our residents with special needs have opportunities like everyone else, we were one of the first to make a savings plan under the ABLE Act.  People with disabilities can now fund essential expenses with tax-advantaged savings under the program ABLE United This is a relatively new option for saving money without penalty of losing federal and other benefits.  Porque honestamente, doesn't everyone deserve the chance to dream and plan for a better futuro?

· Until recently, individuals receiving federal benefits were restricted in the amount of money they could save, effectively preventing them from planning for the future and leaving many with no other choice but to live in poverty.
· For individuals with disabilities, fear of losing benefits or costs of setting up special needs trust has often prevented or limited them from considering all of their options to build financial security. 

· The ABLE Act amends section 529 of the Internal Revenue Service Code allowing each state to create tax-advantaged savings accounts specifically for individuals with disabilities.

· These savings and investment accounts allow individuals to save money while maintaining federal benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

· The ABLE Act now allows individuals with disabilities to save up to $14,000 without impacting government benefits

BB for one is glad she can help brighten our granddaughter's future a little bit by contributing to her ABLE account.  To know that La Princesa will be financially better tomorrow by what we can add hoy makes the worry a little less.  If you still have questions about ABLE United please join the webinar.


Past post on ABLE United, because if you think esto es todo Babushka's said about ABLEUnited-


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