July 24, 2018

God's Wicked Sense of Humor and Life Lessons with a Smile. @Courage_Cancer - Courage4Cristyl

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Mira que somos cabeziduros; humans are hard headed. And God has a wicked sense of humor. We go around doing what we want, focusing on our wants without realizing what we truly need or worse yet, what we already have. We may get reminders to look, episodes of life that make us stop for a moment, but those are fleeting and quickly pass. A child’s birth, reunions with an old friend, life moments that spark the love of life in us. Unfortunately we tend to focus on the mundane and insignificant, because as BB said before, we are hard headed. Fortunately we are given many nudges along the way to focus on what’s truly worthy; sometimes those nudges become slams.

My eldest, Cristyl’s Corazon has  stage 2 breast cancer. At 33 years of age she is facing her mortality. Now before you start feeling sorry for her, let Babushka show you the blessing of this.

Nothing makes you reevaluate your life attitude and actions quicker than the threat of losing it. For years she has refused to seek medical help for depression, for years she has been in a relationship that constricted, not daring to follow her true fullfillment of self. No more. Gracias to that golf ball size lump, she is happier than she’s been for years. She’s tending to her physical, spiritual and emotional self. With therapy and medicines she’s mentally in a much better place. With renewed and real faith she is content and feeling purpose, ready to conquer all. She’s following life loves and goals. Que te dije? Wicked sense of humor.

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At this stage of life BB has become a fulltime madre again. Blessed Be. The first time around BB didn’t spend much time focusing on my first born because she was perfecta. Good grades, bella ballerina, popular, Babushka mistakenly thought she didn’t need a mama’s hovering and constant attention. The first time around she left home as soon as legally possible. This is our chance to makeup for missed moments. Not quite the same, but on many levels so much better. 


Life now is for living and following ones heart. Being older has helped her realize what is truly in her heart and who should be there. She has found a stronger love of family and her family in God. Her vision is to start a dance ministry, to combine two of her major loves. This is her first performance where she shared that dream.

Gracias to many she continues finding more ways to give and to live. One of these inspirations is from a book her therapist suggested , Living with Cancer by Barbara K. Linton. Gran casualidad that Barbara lives in Tallahassee? Again, Wicked Sense of Humor. Thanks to this book Cristyl found answers and strength. On the back cover, “Linton’s story promises that if you let Him, God will stay right beside you, loving you and willing to give you strength to walk triumphantly through whatever life may bring your way. It won’t be an easy journey, but if you let Him, God will prove that even with cancer...you can live!” Not only is BB’s Baby living, but she’s living for others too.,
For our children we are capaz to do anything. Even physical labor, in the sun. Babushka has signed up to walk on Cristyl's team and hopes y'all can join us. We'd love to have you there or/and donate for this wonderful cause.  The link for her walk page is http://bit.ly/BBCourage4Cristyl.  We would love to raise at least $100 to help buy supplies for the many projects Cancer Through Courage has.

So, are we feliz that we've had to come to this point to realize what's lifes point?  Por supuesto que no, wouldn't wish it on anyone. PERO knowing what's really valuable, THAT we wish for TODOS.

Y remember daily with a knowing sonrisa the motto, now mantra, 




Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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