February 14, 2019

Teaching Love-Stories of Substance #ChildrensLiterature #SocialConsciousness

Today is Valentine’s Day, and seeing that children and books are two of BB’s biggest loves, figured it was a perfecto combinacion. The books shared here were given for review. Opinions are Babushka’s.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Children’s literature hoy en dia, today’s books are touching subjects Babushka doesn’t recall reading about when she was young. Not in the libros of that era, nor the ones BB read to The Trio. Subjects on selfworth, knowing family love, respeto,homelessness, muy importante and worthy of discussion. The following two books deal with some of these topics in engaging and endearing ways.

The primero es- 
shani king_anna horvath

"Have I Ever Told You? By Shani M. King and illustrated by Anna Horváth (January 2019; ISBN: 978-0884487197; Hardcover $14.95; Ages 5-6) offers "powerful words of love and encouragement...to children of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life...followed by character-building affirmations of dignity, respect, and value" (Foreword Review). It holds the message of dignity that every child on this earth needs to hear: You are loved. You matter. You make me smile. You make me the happiest person in the world, just by being you.

“Have I ever told you that, for me, there is no one more special than you? That for me, you are the most special child in the world, and that I love you now and will love you forever? Have I ever told you that?”

Shani King wrote Have I Ever Told You? as a note to his children, to remind them that they are amazing in their individuality and that they have the power to choose who they want to be in this world. The illustrations create a masterful visual narrative: warm, witty, simple, profound, and as ferociously empowering as a children’s book can be."

Winner of the MOONBEAM SPIRIT AWARD for dedication to children’s books and literacy and for inspired writing, illustrating and publishing.

Este made BB catch her breath at the belleza of the words and their power- for all ages.
Y hablando of catching one’s breath, who does this remind you of??

What is that disclosure- "Any resemblance to a living person is purely incidental."

BB's Poppa Snack Bag


 Miss Pinkeltink’s Purse by Patty Brozo and illustrated by Ana Ochoa (ISBN: 978-0884486268; Hardcover $17.95; Ages 4-8).

"From its humorous opening through its sad midpoint and uplifting end, Miss Pinkeltink’s story shines a light on humanity. This story with children as agents of positive change reminds us again that communities are best known by their treatment of the disadvantaged among them.

"Rosy-cheeked and quite antique, Miss Pinkeltink / carried everything but the kitchen sink. / Her purse was so big that it dragged on the floor. / When she rode on the bus it got stuck in the door."

Generous and eccentric, Miss Pinkeltink fills her huge purse with everything from a toilet plunger to roller skates, and then gives it all away. She offers tape to fix a flat tire and a bone to a kitty: Miss Pinkeltink’s gifts never quite hit the mark, / but she gave what she had, and she gave from the heart. And then, with nothing left to give or to shelter herself, she huddles on a park bench, trying to sleep in the rain. And that’s where Zoey sees her from her bedroom window and knows that something must be done."

What must be done Beautifuls is to share the love, and no better way than to read and show our little ones how. These two libros BB recommends de corazon- to the point that they're on Babushka's Amazon Associate List below.  Whether you buy or borrow from the library, read and relay the messages of Amor, porque it's never too early-or too late for stories of substance.


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  1. These look and sound like some great books for kids. It's always nice when you can teach them about love.

  2. Books are always great gifts and these two books are just so adorable.

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  7. These books sound fantastic! Knowing that you can love and be loved is very important, especially for children.

  8. I love children's books that teach valuable lessons like this. I would definitely buy these for my kids.

  9. These kids books sound like they are amazing and teach some really great lessons. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Such wonderful books. One of my goals this year is to read more books and I'm encouraging my boys to do the same. I need to look these up and add them to our list.

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    Louise x


  15. Books are always great gifts and these two books are awesome! Loved them!

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  17. Books are always great gifts and these two books are just so adorable.



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