November 25, 2022

Hispanic Heritage and Thanksgiving. In Tallahassee They're One In The Same.


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BB can hear y’all now.  “Hispanic Heritage Month was finished over a month ago. What do you mean it’s the same as Thanksgiving?” Dear Beautifuls, they’re both about being with familia and saying Gracias, no?? Also, if we go far enough in history, we were probably the first Europeans to have celebrated a “Thanksgiving” here in the US.  Pero Babushka is getting ahead of herself, primero let’s talk about this festival given by Hola Tallahasseee.

According to the US Census, in 2020 there were 13.2 thousand Hispanics in Tallahassee.
Wow and Woah. Betcha didn't think there were that many did you? Most are of Mexican descent, but there are many groups represented here, and being proud of our common language we wanted to share our heritage with everyone. First, the history of Hispanics in the US.

The pilgrims arrived on their rock in 1620, long after the 1539 arrival of Spain's
Hernando de Soto visit to La Florida. De Soto's visit was an early documented presence of Europeans to the US, one piece of history shared to visitors of the festival. Facts of Hispanic contributions to this country was highlighted throughout the festival. Here are some posters shown:

Just some of the history and adversity of the Hispanic peoples.
Nice posters verdad? Pero even nicer was the in persona representation at the festival.

OH C!!!


Contributions de Comercios

The Fabulosos, Fun Four de Peter Boulware Toyota

IGrammy names included for you to show your Gracias!!

Como Familia

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Brian Keith Wyatt Jr. B-EZ Graphix Sierra Wyatt Styling My Life by Sierra

A wonderful quick spot by B-EZ Graphix

It took 5 years to have this festival again, and though we weren't many, we were there for each other. Not a big comunidad, pero definitivamente big hearted. 
Thankful for where we live, and each other.

Y realmente, isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?

Babushka Besos a todos.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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  1. It was, and hopefully it'll be repeated next year.

  2. what a lot of great information that I didn't know. Sounds really fun would like ot go to something like this. I am always willing to try different things

  3. So true! It is all about being with family and eating delicious food!


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