May 15, 2014

May is Mayhem, but @NickHotel made it Maravilloso!!

Babushka was given a "media rate" to facilitate this post. All opinions and fun were BB's and her family's.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Mother's Day at the  +Nickelodeon Suites Resort aka @NickHotel. As I alluded to in the title, May for my son is Mayhem.  My son MAC has the following going on in May: On the 9th of May is his wife's birthday, The birthday of his youngest son, Rinquincaya, is on the 12th, and their anniversary is the 14th.  Needless to say he hasn't been able to travel to see me on Mother's Day (this year on the 10th) because finances don't permit.  The last time I saw him for Mother's Day was two years ago and that was too long ago for BB.  Babushka arranged the weekend of May 9 - 11 for a fullout family togetherness fest with him, DIL, the 3 grandsons and La Tata too!  Oh yeah this was gonna be an intergenerational lifetime memory- now whether we were gonna behave was yet to be seen.


Pizza Meets Black Beans & Rice

The boys had no idea we were going to meet up on the weekend, and they definitely didn't know we were going to be spending it together at NickHotel. To say they were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. 


The management had arranged gifts for each of my grandsons, giving them their favorite TMNT!  To say Babushka was more than pleasantly surprised is another understatement. It's those kind of details that makes one want to visit.  

Those and the accomodations too.

Please note the fully equipped kitchen, handicap access showers y mirrors,hang dry line in shower for wet clothes. 
Not fancy, but definitely functional y BUENISIMO!!

And our front door view?


Y ahora, now for the reason Babushka chose Nickelodeon Suites:

And lest you think NickHotel is just for kids-

La Tata enjoying her Piña Colada
DIL & MAC enjoying their drinks and each other.

Y para Babushka??
Blogger's Paradise- laptop,ipad,cellphone & enough outlets for all
and of course a Starbuck's cafe- on the premises!!

And for those of you who are saying this is just another waterpark, 
obviously you haven't been here, because it has something no other park in the world has-
the wonderful Nickelodeon characters and Slime! 

and presently, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


Looks like a full day verdad? 
You ain't just whislin' La Guantanamera My Beautifuls,
 but if you think that was all they did the first day-


No way the DIL was gonna miss Family Karaoke!
10:30 pm as in noche, night.


and on the way back, they had to say hello to the 1st Bilingual Babe-


Last activity of the night- dress rehearsal for their TMNT Meet n' Greet.


Babushka Believes it's pretty unanimous.
The stay at NickHotel was all we had hoped it would be- y mas!!

Hoping y'all had just as Maravilloso a Mother's Day as we had.
And that next time you'll be joining us.

; )


P.S. That was just the 1st day My Beautifuls, the rest of the unbelievable stay is on Feibu.

P.P.S.  April 18, 2016 Nick Hotels will become the
 NEW Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites – Waterpark.  

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