December 16, 2015

Gifts for The Grands- @FloridaPrepaid A Gift They'll Never Outgrow

Babushka is part of Florida College Prepaid & Bloggin' Mamas Mama'bassadors program, but even if she weren't, the opinions are still 100% BB.  Been a fan of them for years.


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

The holidays are here and the letters to Santi Clo have been sent.  A wonderful thing isn't it to see the faces of hope,expectation and joy in our childrens' eyes??  Will that expression still be there a week after? A month despues? In a year's time?? Quee?? Ok si, a bit of a downer, pero BB leave you like that?  JU SO FONII!!! You know Babushka better than eso. But first, a little historia...

Reading The Grands "what I want from Santa" list, BB couldn't help but remember standing in line for hours to get my son MAC the Power Rangers he had wanted. Got him the complete set. Only to have him sell them at a garage sale 2 years later for $20. Wow and woah. With time, we both have learned what a real gift is and how to value them. Now he's giving his unused portion of the Florida College Prepaid Plan to his son. Again, wow and woah.  Only this time, it's a positive thing.

Babushka has written before about the Florida College Prepaid Plan, how The Trio have used the plan, how it's saved us all headaches and heartaches by having it.  Hopefully The Grands won't have the headaches of student loan debt if BB has her say.  Isn't it wonderful that the opcion is open to us? 


Another option Babushka loves is the Florida 529 Savings Plan .  This is a plan that can be opened at anytime, for a student of any age, to be used in any US college or university.  BB would use this along side the Prepaid Plan to cover incidentals not cubierto (like extra food; abuela al fin). Matter of fact, wouldn't this look great in your child's stocking?

The gift they'll never outgrow, return, or sell at a garage sale.  A lifelong regalo that'll be around, brightning their holidays for years to come. And don't worry if Santi Clo can't get it into their stockings, the open enrollment is until February 29, so the Reyes can definitely leave it.

; )

Para mas informacion-  

Who would you like to leave this present for??

Happiest of Holidays to all you Beautifuls,
and may your regalos bring lifelong felicidad & magical memories.


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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