August 17, 2016

#LATISM 16- Latinos as Change Agents

This post was originally written for Conexion, the Premiere bilingual newspaper in N. Florida.
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LATISM 2016 Latinos As Change Agents Orlando Florida

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

For the second year in a row, Babushka was honored to be named “a top Latino digital influencer” and is headed to the LATISM16 conference in Orlando this October. LATISM stands for” Latinos in Tech Innovation & Social Media and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the Latino community in the areas de educacion, health, technology y business through the use of Tech innovation and Social Media.” Their goal is to “share best practices,  reach Latino(a)s in the digital space, and  build the pipeline of  tech innovators.  Together we are igniting Latino(a)s to drive the innovation economy." And they are Beautifuls, they are!

The impact of Latinos, especially when banded together and highlighted is a bella and powerful thing.  Thanks to LATISM and other like minded organizations, Latinos are getting heard and paid attention to, but we need more of us to bring new ideas and insights, more potencia and potential, more volume to our voices. This is a particularly crucial time; this is the year politics is priming to either elevate or eradicate the Latino existence in our nation.  Join us in our rally for acknowledgement and advancement.

LATISM-Disney-Coronado Spgs-Orlando-Florida

October  19-21 LATISM will be having their conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.  Un lugar perfecto to celebrate our accomplishments and unite on our futures, especially since it’s in our state!  If you’ve wanted to visit Disney World and at the same time make a change in this world, now’s the time for that twofer. If you’ve ever wanted to voice your opinions, learn what that voice could do, and/or learn about topics you could help with, this is the conference to attend. Social Good is a very important part of this mission, and as our numbers grow in the US, we have more potencial in helping ourselves and others.  Babushka would love to see all of you be part of this movement and partake in the conference, por eso te doy el codigo  INFLUENCER16 to get a 30% discount.
Can BB get an ESO!!!

Look forward to being a voice for Latinos and hoping you’ll join in the chorus.
And to those who want to silence us?


Nos vemos Octubre 19 en Disney.


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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