November 30, 2011

Fall, Football, and Fabulous Fashions!

North Florida, a place of actual season changes. Coming from Miami, believe me when I say this is no small miracle in my eyes; I'm LOVING IT!! Up here,Fall, is one of the favorite seasons, and being a college town you know football is a favorite too. De veras, in reality, if I may be totally truthful- and BB knows no other way to be- I really don't care which Florida team wins as long as it's a Florida team. Si, Si, I hear the gasps. No preference in Florida teams, but definitivamente a preference in seasonal fashions. Little Summer nadas para mi? JU SO FONI !!! BB abhors them! Fabulous Fall Fashions? BB adooores them!!! What's not to adore? Not quite the nakedness of Summer, but not the Eskimo attire of Winter. Fall fashions- very BB. Classy, covering y Coqueta!! And nobody fabricates Fall Fashions around here like Ms. Evelyn.

Ms. Evelyn and I go way back. When I worked for the state of Florida Ms. Evelyn was my coworker- one of the best dressed coworkers if I may add. So much talent couldn't go unnoticed and we began asking for custom orders and she's continued designing and creating them. Her gift for garb isn't confined to females; she creates for children and naturally a North Florida wardrobe wouldn't be complete without hometeam garments!

All very nice, but for the real Style and Flair-



Bohemian Babushka

¿Que te dije?
Classy, Covered, y Coqueta.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

P.S. Ms. Evelyn's information cell # 850-556-0076
her facebook page is being developed

November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Thanksgiving Day- a day for family, food and gratitude. Hopefully you'll have plenty of all 3. This year BB will be celebrating sans grandbabies. Si, I know, but travel was not possible and though I will miss them I am thankful for the times we did share and will share again. The boys, they already were reminiscing about the turkey drumsticks so I know they're looking forward to the next time we celebrate together and truth be told, after almost 2 months in Miami Babushka is still bushed and needs to chill. In every sense of the word. Another 90 degree Dia de Dar Gracias? JU SO FONII !!!

Besides, common DNA is not the only requirement for family. Family- familiar, feeling "home", feeling in my little town Ms. June, owner and heart of The Skybox truly lives the meaning of the day. In gratitude for the community's patronage and to be a place of joyous gathering for all she prepares an open feast. Family, food, and gratitude. Yep, she's got it all covered and she's one more reason for joy on BB's long list of blessings.

May your Thanksgiving be plentiful and the bendiciones bountiful.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

P.S. The Skybox- hometown hospitality.

November 16, 2011

I looooooooovvvveee Winning!

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, que si, que si! Can't help doing my "winning dance" as FedEx leaves 2 big packages at my side door. Naturally this totally embarrasses my 19 year old, making this a double win!!! Whaaaaatttt??? Puberty payback and it's soooo goooooddd, try to do it as often as I can. ; )

Winning- isn't that the best feeling? Ok, ok, we're supposed to be in life for the experience... but is it so bad to enjoy the winning experiences??? I for one get high on that feeling and it shows in my addiction to contests. Contests, sweepstakes, online, instore, wherever- whatever. Do I spend a lot of time entering? You betcha. Do I get a lot of stuff I'll never use? You betcha. Will I ever stop? JU SO FONII !!!

The joy of getting something free-( also why I am an avid couponer, but that's for another time) and that your name was picked above countless others, that if only for the instant of picking, you are special. The knowing that the Contest Gods smiled upon you and that you're in their graces is a feeling like no other. As Tata says, "No hay dinero como el dinero ganado." She's so right, "There's no money like money won." because everyone likes good surprises! Of course it's better when it multiplies- when you're "in the flow"- and Babushka is basking in that river now and loving it.


From: Silvia
Wednesday November 14, 2011 11:50 a.m.

Congratulations! you are the winner(s) of the PAM cooking toolkit at Mama Latina Tips!


From: Lidia Sagastume

Sent: November 10, 2011 3:43 AM

Subject: Giveaway Winner

Hi Bohemian Babushka,

Just to let you know you won the Cars 2 combo pack giveaway. Congratulations!


From: Desiree Eaglin

Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 11:50 AM
Subject: You are the Suzuki Mom Fest Winner!

You are the lucky winner of the Suzuki Mom Fest "junk in my trunk" giveaway!
THANK YOU for being a loyal, valued reader to the blog!


October 3, 2011

From Marta Darby- Blogger Extraordinaire -
Whose blog "My Big, Fat, Cuban Family" enriches so many lives daily

( no idea how she does it -weekly postings me sacan la lengua and leave me beyond bushed.
Daily postings? Estan crazy!! )

The official prize was her marvelous book,
but my treasure is the handwritten note that she included with the cookbook.
Classy all the way.

Mil Gracias to these 4 sites for their wonderful postings and giveaways.

I'm riding the wave of winnings and looking forward to more!
Yes, the joy is in the playing, but the dancing is in the winning!!!
♪♫♪¡A Bailar Mi Gente, A Bailar!♪♫♪

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

P.S. My little one read the post and said "You did not embarrass me, I'm used to it by now."

Quick- somebody bring me my white fan!


November 09, 2011


I remember my maternal Grandmother, Mima, using a fan. She looked so exotic and elegant. She was 1/2 Chinese and always straight and ladylike and reminded me of the old time Chinese courts of royalty. But those eyes peering over the fan were filled with Cuban passion, ready to bop you with the fan if you were impertinent. OH, the multi purpose hand fan!

There is a certain aire about women with fans, a mystery to be unraveled. From a time when females were not allowed to publicly share their voices, they created the language of the fan. Between the position of the fan, the speed of fanning and their eyes, women of yore were understood perfectly. And let's not forget the final "he dicho" when that fan is closed curtly. I myself have mastered that one and have passed it on to the following generations- it's so much classier than cursing.

Now, I've always liked the hand held fan, but I must admit my appreciation didn't set in until the last couple of years. Because I got old? JU SO FONII !!! Not really, well, kinda sorta, ok, Si- air conditioning doesn't do much against the inner flames of aging if you know what I mean. Society still doesn't embrace sweat all over a woman's face, so the elegance of a fan evens out the playing field.

Should you think fans are only for cooling, let me bring you into the circle. They are great fashion accessories, mood barometers, and social statements. My trio knows that when the lace fan is out, Babushka's feeling like a lady, but when the plain paper one is pulled out- a correr!! That's my no nonsense,you -best- behave- bopping- on- the- head fan.  ::BOPASO::

My middle of the road- jeans fan

And lastly, but not least, my new favorite-
"Proud to be Cuban, ask me about my heritage" fan

I included the tag on this "only in Miami" fan find. Unfortunately I could find no boxes for my precious loves so BB will start making them herself! ::closing fan curtly::

Hope you've enjoyed this FANtastic tale and join me in the Fellaship of the Fan.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

November 02, 2011

Halloween Hits

Come on now, vamos mi gente. It's two days after Halloween and I'm an abuela; did you really think I wouldn't post pics of my grandbabies in their costumes? JU SO FONI !!!

Each holiday has its' traditions and Halloween most definitely has plenty. For the past 6 years, I've bought a big bag of chocolates (the good kind) just in case someone comes by. Of course I live in such a rural area nobody bothers dirtying their pick up trucks for trick or treat so I must perform the sacrifice of eating the chocolates solita before the Christmas candies come out. Tradition! And who am I to say no? Another tradition is enjoying the little ones dress up and sharing the play acting as they become their costumes.

But truth be told, my little ones are always dressing up and pretending...

Si, always trying out new dreams, being whoever they desire

and in reality, isn't that one of the beauties of childhood?

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.