March 28, 2012

Harrroooo Duh Duh Duh- Goodbye

As soon as she saw him at the pound she was in love.  A rusty colored,  all feet, big laughing mouth with dos enormous eyeliner lined eyes that seemed to laugh too, this mutt was what my little one chose.  To me he looked goofy, cute, but goofy.  I wanted her to pick the older Collie in the next room but she wouldn't budge; she had seen him and knew they belonged together.

After the animal shelter had given its o.k., we went back a few days later to pick up "Rocky".  How she came up with such a tough name for such an obviously goofy ball of fur, feet and muzzle was beyond me, but that was his name.  As my little one held him in her hand cooing his name, his tiny tail seemed to be thumping yes, yes each time she would say Rocky, so I guess he liked it too.

But a rosa by any other name is still a rosa.  The dog was a goofball.  Oh si, give him the big he-man name, but he was still goofy.  The times he would be running on our ceramic tiled floor, try to stop but ended up sliding across the house...  I swear sometimes he'd do it on purpose.  BB hears you saying it- JU SO FONII!!! but I think he did.  He was just too cute being goofy, and when we'd laugh at him he would always open that big mouth of his and let his tongue hang out- as if joining us in the merriment.

When we moved up to the South, Rocky fell in love with the 5 acres of land he had now permission to run.  And boy did he run them- and everyone else's acres too!  In Miami he would shoot out the door if given the chance, so up here he happily spent the years investigating all happenings in the great outdoors.  He loved his escapades, but would always spring out of nowhere when he saw our car coming down the road.  By this time he was almost 5 years old; his ears would flop with each pace and his grin with the flopping tongue would greet us.  My nickname for him- Duh Duh Duh 'cause now he was a big goofball.

Now don't confuse being a goofball with being dumb- they are definitely two different things.  He would have done his animated kins Astro and Scooby proud on so many occassions!  The times we would catch him jumping off furniture when we were entering a room- or how about the times I'd find an empty Starbuck's  cup upon my return to a room?  Yes a goof, but definitely no dummy.

Oh the many tales and adventures we have shared these past 11 years dear Rocky Rook.  How we both  enjoyed seeing our Little One grow, how we enjoyed living out in the country, how we both grayed gracefully, and how we agreed that nothing beats that extra squirt of caramel  in a Frappuccino.

Mil Gracias for all the love.
3/11/2001 - 3/27/2012 

Babushka Besos a  todos.   Cuidensen.

March 21, 2012


First it was cross dressing, then lovers, and now groaners.  I can hear y'all now- "What kind of a blog is BB starting to write?"  JU SO FONII!!!  Oh si, funny y mal pensados!  Clean those minds and follow me on one of the pleasures in life... laughter.

I know- gotta wait till you clean yourselves off from the gutter visit...

Groaners, those bad jokes that are so bad they're good.  Some of them have actually caused BB to guffaw!  To those whippersnappers who don't know the word "guffaw", think of it as a heartfelt, belly moving LOL.  Bueno, now that you know what they are, let Babushka share some of her faves with you.

What's furry, has whiskers and chases outlaws?

A posse cat.

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, 

"Why the long face?" 

What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?

a nervous wreck.

Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself?  

it was too tired. 

Ok, ok, I know- I promise they'll get better.

What did the grape do when he got stepped on?

He let out a little wine.

and lastly- 

If a fire hydrant has H2O on the inside, what does it have on the outside? 


Come on now, I know you chuckled- at least rolled your eyes.  
And I know y'all have quite a few in your repertoire.
Who doesn't love them?

They're quick, straightforward, and a little bit cheesy.

Remind you of someone?

; )  

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  The majority of the jokes were found on  "Really bad jokes" - he has "a million of them"

March 14, 2012


Ah... lovers. Que queeeee? You thought BB was writing a kiss and tell?  JU SO FONII !!!
 No people, that's not BB's style.  Lovers- as in lovers on screen.  

  Who was your first celebrity crush? I can definitely remember mine. 

Kurt Russell- in Disney's "The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes."
bb found him so cute, so smart, so different than the boys I knew...
I was 7.  

The Man from Atlantis 1977

Patrick Duffy- The Man From Atlantis. ::sigh::  He was my first "big girl crush".   

I used to watch the old tv broadcasts showing The Beatles and laughed at the girls screaming and crying over them. The laughing stopped when I started watching this series; I must admit, Bb shed quite a few tears over this webbed hand hottie.  Pre pub hormones, what a time!

1979-  Love at First Bite came out,a comedy horror film- de veras. 

 It was the Twilight of the times, and let me tell you there wasn't a female neck in that theater that didn't arch a bit for the debonair and slightly dippy Mr. George Hamilton everytime he was on screen.  

But at 17, this was my actual version of Love at first bite.

1994- Don Juan de Marco- el Sr. Johnny Depp.   ' Nuff said.

Babushka remembers and stays loyal to these lovers for they have not disappointed, nor has the infatuation diminished through the years. All these gentlemen aged/have aged well-  

just like BB. 

Kurt Russell


Patrick Duffy

George Hamilton

Johnny Depp


Oh Si, I have sooooo much in common with these gentlemen; pity we never met. 
 Then again, hope springs eternal.  BB might still get to write that tell all novel.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  Ok esta bien, yes,  I said that wasn't my style... pero por fa gente,

Rhumba with Russell, Dancing with Duffy, Hoedown with HamiltonDipping with The Depp-  
NY Times Bestsellers for sure! 

March 07, 2012

Cristobal Colón Was A Cross Dresser.

Christopher Columbus was a cross dresser? Whaaaaaaatttt??  JU SO FONII !!! 
 Ok, si, you're right, let me rephrase that... 
BB was the cross dresser when she portrayed Colón for a play. 

 Actually, it was just a scene...Gracias a Dios, 'cause that helmet is heavy!!!

As y'all know if you've been following Babushka for awhile, 
I'm part of TWAM- Theater With A Mission.

This is a wonderful troupe of volunteer actors working to promote Florida's Spanish history by performing plays written during the Spanish Golden Age and interpreted for today's audiences.  Though written  in the late 1600's - 1700's the plays hit upon many ideals and situations still very pertinent to this generation.  In particular is the play El nuevo mundo descubierto por Cristóbol Colón  (Columbus Finds a New World) written by Lope de Vega which is the signature play of TWAM.  Under the direction of Benjamin Gunter we have performed scenes from the play in Spanish/English, using modern terms and events, and even gender changing of characters in order to share the richness and the parallel between times. 

 How do different cultures act upon first meeting?  
Do they decide to co-exist and if they do how can they maintain true to their beliefs?  

Very apropo for these days- especially for La Florida no crees?

The most endearing part of being a member of TWAM?  For the most part, the troupe is made up of Anglo members- that is to say non Hispanic non Spanish speakers who work so hard in learning the original language because they love the history, the relevancy, and the chance to show the "humaness" between different peoples- just like BB's reason for this blog. 

Si, I love TWAM for all this- 

plus, they let me use my fans.

; )

Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  If you would like to know more about TWAM and/or would like to know our performance schedule or perhaps hire the troupe for your event, group or school, please contact Ben Gunter  email  or Kristin King email

P.P.S.  TWAM is affiliated with Mission San Luis  Feibu page  and

BB played Colón for the inauguration of  the Museum of Florida History's Grand Opening of "Forever Changed: La Florida, 1513-1821.  Feibu page

Por supuesto this goes hand in hand with the wonderful  Viva Florida 500  Feibu page