May 30, 2012

CVS- Convenient Vivacious Style w/a Green Bag Tag Giveaway

Babushka ♥ CVS.  I truly do.  I'm sure if I were to do a  swagbucks search I would find out the true meaning of those initials, but to BB it means Convenient Vivacious Style. As a matter of fact that's exactly what I wrote to their PR marketing company when during Hispanicize2012,  Ms. Denisse Icaza suggested I contact them.  (See? There's the Hispanicize series part)  BB wrote:

Babushka is a coupon clipping, card carrying, green tag using, CVS daily visiting 1st Generation Cuban American who loves her cafe and her local CVS. Babushka is a believer of being true to herself and her gustos without having to work too hard.That's why she loves CVS,which to her is Convenient Vivacious Style. Perfecto for BB!

And y'all know BB by now, I don't post what I don't feel and CVS really is perfect for me.  My home Up North in The South has a neighborhood CVS just 10 minutos away from mi casa and I plan strategically how to rack up my ECBs and daily visits using my Green Bag Tag.  Que queeee?  You don't know about ECBs and the Green Bag Tag?  JU SO FONII!!

Oh wonderful ones, BB will now let you in on the weapons of the modern day hunt.

Extra Care Card, Green Bag Tag

First step- get yourself an ExtraCare Card.  That's the little red card up above. You'll find them at CVS, and each time you make a purchase you get points towards various rewards, coupons and- even cash!

Oh Si, CA$H.

Actually, you receive ECBs which stands for Extra Care Bucks-same as cash for store purchases.

Bueno, now that I've got your attention, we go to the second step- the Green Bag Tag. 
This is one of those twofer things that BB likes. 

You get $1 back after 4 separate day purchases and you save the environment by using a reusable bag or declining a shopping bag. 

Viste? 2 great things out of 1 item.

Don't start stressing by imagining toting around a giant coupon binder.
No coupons needed for the $1 back, just make sure to scan the pretty green to get your green.

Now we're ready to approach the Big Red Magic Coupon Machine:

BB & Big Red

Go on up to Big Red, don't be timid, he's a big softie! 
Look him in the screen, slide your ExtraCare card under the scanner and say,

 "Show me what you've got Big Boy!" 


and Cha-Ching!

It's like playing the slot machines, only this is a sure thing.
Out comes offers, coupons and sometimes ECBs!

The marvelous people at CVS want to help my readers with their savings by offering 5 of you a Green Bag Tag of your own.  These cuties retail for $1 and are worth so much more considering the cash back you get and the trees you are saving.  A win, win for everyone!!  Just comment below what's your fave thing about CVS, their program, or what you plan to buy with your first dollar back.  Winner will be announced on Monday, June 4.

  Good luck to all- and don't forget to include your email address in your comment.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

P.S.  I was given a Green Bag Tag for my personal use and 5 tags for my readers.  This was the only item received for my post and all opinions expressed are my own. 

P.P.S.  Denisse has a wonderful blog for Spanish readers with more details on using coupons along with the tags and for English readers, my fellow Groovy Grandma- Grandma Juice is a pro and cut up on this and so many other things!

P.P.P.S.  The link for swagbucks is my referral link- if you like getting free stuff for searching & other fun tasks, please feel free to sign up.

P.P.P.P.S  For those wondering why my fan was with the "weapons of the modern day hunt"-  just try to take a sale item I' m about to grab or already have in my hand-- 


 'Nuff said.

May 23, 2012

Watch out world- Rinquincaya turned 4!

Nota: This is not a sponsored post, pero there may be an affiliate link 
que puede generar some dinerito for Babushka. Ya lo saben.

Blowing out birthday candles

My youngest grandson, Rinquincaya celebrated his 4th birthday on Sunday.  Now before you start with the "awwwwsss" please remember who we're talking about.  Here's a quick reminder in case you've forgotten. 

Babushka had gotten him  the party fixins for a Disney's Cars theme but when they went to the store for the final things he saw this.

Party City Skeleton Piñata

Goodbye Cars.

Felizmente there's Feibu and all the invites were sent electronically, because really-
who doesn't do Feibu?

; )

So now the dash began.  Four days before the party, last minute preps.  Que Que??  Why wasn't this planned/done months before?  JU SO FONII!!!  Where's the fun in that? 

MM and DIL ran around for decorations, cake, drinks, beach toys-because no self respecting pirate can appear sans shovels for treasure digging, and all the other craziness parties bring.  All this after 7 pm when my son arrived from work because his truck had decided to quit and they were now a one car familia.  Oh si, fun.

On the day of the party the forcast was 30% chance of rain, which was a heck of a lot better than the 60% forecast we had during the week.  Optimistic and sleepy, MM, La Tata and BB  packed up the car and headed out the door to be the first ones at the beach to get good tables (read that tables under shade).  It was 9 a.m.- on a Sunday.  Oh si, fun.

Meanwhile DIL's brother picked her and the boys up and helped with some last second shopping and her sister picked up the pizza.  Mil Gracias guys, there's no way it could have been done without your help.

And now the party begins-

Target Pirate Party FAvor Party Goody box
Goody bag holder- $1
Gracias Target

Public Birthday Cake



Note about the above. 
As you can see, this was a Cuban style piñata with strings to pull, however,
 being the multi cultural mecca Miami, and being my son's son, the bat was a must.
Wouldn't be a decent party without it.

The Pirate Family

And it was most definitely a decent party. 
Oh Si Fun!!!

Matter of fact, when BB asked Rinquincaya if he had enjoyed himself he said
"It was the bestest party EVER."

and then he said something that you have to realize, please keep in mind,
 his age, his environment, but most importantly his genes. 
 Mi adorado Rinquincaya said (I'm so proud), he said,


And I aarrrrrrrggghhh  too.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

May 16, 2012

My Son, Madre's Day & The Miami Tunnel

5:30 a.m. my son pulls into the driveway, hands me a hard hat and says,
"Happy Mother's Day Ma." 

Ok, si, we never were the typical familia.

BB raised her trio to believe in themselves and in what they were doing, to love what they were doing- or at the very least, to find something to love in what they were doing.  In all instances do things with heart, from the heart, and always- with gusto & passion! 

Another lesson I tried to stress was the importance of homemade gifts.  Que? Does that mean BB would turn down cash or a Starbucks GC?  JU SO FONII!!!  What better complement to a homemade card than having one of those tucked inside?  Seriously though, and once again, presents with heart, from the heart.

And so my son, knowing that BB loves twofers (that's two things for the price of one) was going to give me a peek at what he was doing, a tour of his latest job, the Port of Miami Tunnel, and the greatest homemade gift a child can give to their mother- time together.  

Naturally Babushka was thrilled when Marine MAC, that's one of the nicknames I have for my son, called to inform me that although he had to work on Madre's Day, he wanted to spend some time together and would pick me up. He wanted to give me a behind the scenes look of the news making tunnel. Oh Joy!  At 5:30 a.m.  Oh. Joy.

At the port the tour begins. With camera and fan in hand, hard hat in place and visitor tag on lapel, BB tries to keep up.  Being my son, and a military man, my son knows only two ways to speak.  Either he's detailed and extensive, or short and to the point.  Extremes Are Excellent. Thankfully he started off detailed, but once Mr. Sun started to heat the air and he saw BB's fan a fury MAC knew it was time to switch to monosyllables, just naming the parts of the equipment.  The following pictures were not the only pictures taken during the tour, but being 5:30 a.m.,a mom, and non mechanically inclined, these are the photos most important to Babushka. 

MM and BB at the beginning of the tour

What a mother likes to think about... 

 Bueno, at least they'll have some fresh air...

At the end of the tour, BB draggin' and a fannin'
waaayyy behind MM

Escorting me to the end of the tunnel, my son said he loved me- with heart, from the heart.

I couldn't have asked for a better Madre's Day.

Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen. 

P.S. When BB started the blog MM didn't want  his pic showing, for this post he said yes.  Another gift from my boy.  Handsome devil isn't he?

P.P.S.  On the way to the port my son explained that due to traffic and the heat being heavier later in the day he decided the beginning of his shift would be the best time for the tour.  Oh he knows me too well, como si lo hubiera parido.  ; )   

P.P.P.S. Later in the evening, MM's sons, my grandsons Rinquincaya and PicaPica, and my DIL came by with dinner for me and La Tata.  Oh si, one of my best Mother's Day ever. 

OJO There may affiliate Links in this post, 'cause BB's gotta have her cafe.  

May 09, 2012

Girl In Progress- The Swag Sigue-A different kind of Mother's Day Post

It's not always about the material things.  Life is about learning, laughter and love- and the memories those create.  So, how does this tie into the Hispanicize 2012 series and what does it have in common with Mother's Day and madres?  JU SO FONII!!!  They both keep on giving and influencing us long after they're gone. 

Now before BB gets sappy, let's go straight to the story ok? 

One of the wonderful ladies I met during Hispanicize 2012 was Ms. Teresa Garza of Checa La Movie ; she spoke on the panel of entertainment bloggers and was...well, entertaining. Not only is she entertaining, but she's also very generous.  Thanks to her I was put into contact with Mr. Jose Rodriguez of AEM American Entertainment Marketing who arranged for BB to attend a press roundtable for Girl in Progress.   In a future post I will go more into detail about that press junket, but suffice to say my eyes, heart and tummy were filled by the time I left. I must also mention the nice squeeze I got from one of its' stars Eugenio Derbez, but again, that will all be for another post.

 Ok, si, I didn't have to "must mention" the squeeze from Eugenio...

; )

 yes I did.

Babushka had originally planned to go back north to The South a week after Hispanicize thus missing the screening on May 8, however I decided to stay in Little Havana until June for La Tata's 90th Birthday and would be able to see the film.  Of course I didn't realize this until May 8.  Hurriedly I called Jose to let him know I could attend and the dear man was able to arrange seating for me.  Mind you, I had no transportation and it was going to rain, but BB determined is pretty impressive. 

With Popa coffee bag in hand I left at 4:30 for the 7:30 screening.   Three hours you say?  I know my people I say.  Through rain, walking in the wrong direction, and getting wrong directions, the journey via public transit was- interesting.  And late.  Thankfully I had dried out by the time I showed up at 7:40 and took my seat. 

This heartfelt movie tells the tale of a mother and daughter both learning life lessons and having epiphanies. Girl in Progress- be ready to laugh, to cry, and in my case to relive.  Not that my Little One and I had the same exact scenario as Grace and Ansiedad, but we were basically alone and raising each other. And as far as ::shudder:: puberty, I  wasn't the only one with winced eyes nodding their head in rememberance.

A universal story of growing up and coming into one's own.

Was it worth the public transit, the time and the drenching? 
Was it worth the reliving of ::shudder:: puberty?
Would I recommend it?
Oh Si.

Happy Mother's Day
and wishing for all loving memories

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

May 02, 2012

Very Honorable Mentions

The Exhibit & Product Halls during Hispanicize 2012 were chock full of vendor booths and chock full of coffee. (sorry, couldn't resist)  Needless to say I enjoyed visiting the hall at least twice daily during the conference , but my favs have to be:

My first husband (yes, there've been more than 1- here's the link-catch up!) was Dominican.
Ok, si, was my first husband, is Dominican, and the father of my two eldest children.
They are proud of their heritage and I'm glad of it.

Kiara Cespedes w/BB
Ministry of Tourism DR

I've visited the island and enjoyed it's beauty, food, culture and people.  Like this beautiful young lady they humored esta Crazy Cubana and made her feel welcomed.  BB will take her children to their father's homeland one day for the yearly "Encuentro"; I know they'll love it.

BB actually chased these poor Minions as they were going into an elevator. 
I was promised they'd return for a pic, and they were good to their...silence.
This one's for you My Little One!

They also gave us a chance to play dress up- Orlando style


Little did we know they were planning on doing this:

Babushka's at 1:08 w/cafe in hand. But of course. 

 Babushka unfanned!

You saw it here first- BB without her face coverup schtick, but nunca without her

; )

Babushka Besos to all.  Cuidensen.